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Rexel UK puts business intelligence in motion ... Supporting its “Energy in Motion” strategy for more customer-centric services

Together with IBM® Business Partner EnterpriseBI, Rexel has rebuilt its IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence platform from the ground up, developing an agile environment that is closely aligned with user needs.
25 Jun 2013

AmicusHorizon transforms performance management ... Boosting business insight with IBM Business Analytics software

AmicusHorizon has developed 19 scorecards to monitor 400 different performance metrics using IBM® Cognos® Metric Studio. Performance is tracked at strategic, regional and area levels, with a traffic-light system to provide at-a-glance visibility into performance against targ...
15 Apr 2013

AmicusHorizon plans for the future with business analytics ... Using scenario analysis to answer “what if” questions and guide business strategies

AmicusHorizon used IBM Business Analytics software to build a solution that draws real-time data from financial systems and enables rapid, accurate budget planning and reporting. EnterpriseBI, an IBM Business Partner, assisted with solution development and knowledge transfer...
26 Apr 2012

Ashfield In2Focus gains greater insight into sales performance ... Rapid, easy access to sales data with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence

Working alongside EnterpriseBI, an IBM® Business Partner, the company built a data warehouse to centralise sales data from a number of core systems, and deployed IBM Cognos Business® Intelligence to analyse and present the information.
17 May 2011