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Walter Meier generates financial reports without external support ... Eliminating expensive agency fees and improving accuracy with IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

Walter Meier implemented IBM® Cognos® Disclosure Management and integrated it with its existing IBM Cognos Controller software, enabling the company to generate its financial reports without external help.
19 Nov 2013

Bank of Åland invests in greater control over budgets and forecasts ... Enhancing efficiency with a cross-group perspective on spending

The Bank of Åland worked with Addedo to transform its planning cycles with IBM® Cognos® TM1® software, driving greater accountability and visibility of revenues and costs across the company.
08 Oct 2013

Eniro accelerates group consolidation by three days per month ... Reducing the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance with IBM and Addedo

Eniro migrated data from Hyperion Enterprise software to IBM® Cognos® Controller using a single set of business rules – supporting the generation of monthly, quarterly and yearly group consolidation reports.
19 Nov 2012

Medius AB gains a scalable financial reporting solution ... With help from Addedo and IBM

Medius AB worked with Addedo, an IBM Business Partner, to implement IBM® Cognos® Controller, which provides automated group financial consolidation functionality with an easy-to-use Microsoft® Excel front-end.
15 Dec 2011

Runsven Group simplifies and accelerates financial reporting ... With help from Addedo and IBM Cognos software

Runsven Group worked with Addedo, an IBM Business Partner, to implement IBM® Cognos® Controller, which integrates with the company’s IBS Enterprise financial system and a Microsoft® Excel front-end.
26 May 2011