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Air Canada ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series Video: On a never-ending push to make life simpler for the customer

Smart is ... innovating the customer travel experience. Interviewee: Patrice Ouellette, Director, Customer Service and Innovation, Air Canada
17 Jan 2013

Air Canada ... Smarter Planet Leadership Series Case Study: On a never-ending push to make life simpler for the customer

Air Canada has come a long way in its self-service journey, and Patrice Ouellette has been there from the beginning. Under his leadership, Air Canada’s “Innovation Team” has sparked a number of firsts in the industry, including the placement of “offsite” kiosks outside the a...
10 Aug 2011

Air Canada: Extending customer self-service beyond the airport ... Proactive delivery of travel related information and services to customers over “always-on” mobile devices

After becoming one of the first airlines to deploy kiosk-based check-in within airports, Air Canada steadily expanded its offerings to allow passengers to make same-day changes such as changing seats and making onboard purchases
19 May 2010

Air Canada is an early arrival in providing the next generation of self-service solutions.

Air Canada teamed with IBM to put in place a series of industry firsts in the area of self-service. Underlying these developments is a forward-thinking infrastructure and kiosk strategy that gives unparalleled operational flexibility and lower operational costs.
18 Jun 2008