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Published on 27-May-2013

"State-of-the-art and up-to-date reporting is an absolute must in today’s business environment. We are following a cutting-edge trend by using IBM solutions, which provide us with substantial advantages." - Wolfgang Casper, Organisation Department, Oberbank

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Oberbank is an independent, dynamic regional bank with 150 locations in five European countries and headquarters in Linz, Austria. The confidence it provides for its customers and the professionalism of its 2,000 employees give the company the strength and independence to create its own future.

Business need:
With the growth of its IT environment, Oberbank wanted to implement a new reporting solution to replace an IBM system that had been in use for decades.

Oberbank has built an optimised data warehouse solution using IBM® InfoSphere® Warehouse. IBM Cognos® Business Intelligence provides revolutionary reporting features, helping to make decisions that lead to better business results.

Improved user satisfaction with clear reports. Enabled timely reporting, supporting faster analysis and more efficient work.

Case Study

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Oberbank is an independent, dynamic regional bank with 150 locations in five European countries and headquarters in Linz, Austria. The confidence it provides for its customers and the professionalism of its 2,000 employees give the company the strength and independence to create its own future.

As a leading bank and an expert on financial matters, Oberbank is proud of the high-quality service it offers customers through its extensive network. The company believes that preserving its independence and autonomy is its primary goal – enabling it to continue making its own decisions in the best interests of customers, employees and shareholders. Reliable and stable shareholder profitability is the best guarantee of this.

Part of the 3 Banken Gruppe, Oberbank’s philosophy is charting a course for growth and returns in new and existing markets. Oberbank is the first point of contact for all customers across a geographic area that extends from Munich and Salzburg to Budapest and Prague. The company is primarily dedicated to providing consulting services in the high-stakes banking business using its many years of experience. Qualified employees who are ambitious and committed help the bank to guarantee innovative solutions.

Innovative reporting methods
In the bank’s growth-oriented environment, the need for an innovative reporting method became greater and greater. Oberbank’s existing IBM reporting solution, which had been in operation for more than two decades, needed to be updated. In addition, the bank was also using solutions such as WebFOCUS, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, and DB2® for z/OS to support its reporting requirements, along with various versions of Microsoft SQL Server.

Launching the project
In mid-2011, a proof of concept (PoC) was created to examine the feasibility of implementing a new reporting solution. After the successful completion of the PoC, Oberbank decided to deploy IBM InfoSphere Warehouse and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10.

Following the PoC, the company selected three reports to use as examples, and evaluated the implementation of these reports in a multi-week project. The following project managers played an instrumental role in the implementation: Gerald Stallinger (Department of Accounting and Control), Rudolf Abentheuer (Department of Accounting and Control) and Wolfgang Casper (Organisation Department).

Selecting IBM
The decision to implement an IBM solution was supported primarily by the successful completion of the PoC feasibility study. The ultimate deciding factors were the need to replace the bank’s existing and somewhat dated solution with the modern IBM InfoSphere Warehouse solution, and the realization that there is no better tool on the market.

Making use of the solution
Oberbank is using the IBM solution to carry out evaluations in customer pricing, deposit and lending items, event management and personnel lists (vacation lists, flextime lists, travel information), CRM and line of business analysis, among other applications.

Currently, the IBM InfoSphere and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence solutions are being used in the Department of Accounting and Controlling as well as in the Department of Organisation and Personnel. Some 15 employees use Cognos Report Studio to create reports for a total of 2,000 users, with the bank expecting to make further enhancements to the solution in the future.

Oberbank has been able to create specific analyses through the use of IBM InfoSphere Warehouse and IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, helping the bank to create special, urgently needed reports. Oberbank has also seen a significant performance improvement. The published reports are now available in an up-to-date and concise form, and provide optimal business transactions. The bank has also laid a solid foundation for a future big data platform using IBM InfoSphere Warehouse.

With support from certified IBM Business Partner Pitagora Informationsmanagement GmbH, the company discussed several important solution areas individually and implemented the new system. Oberbank is now carrying out additional enhancements to the current project independently, and only gets in touch with the Business Partner if special adaptations need to be made to the solution.

The high level of user satisfaction with the new IBM solution has been especially noteworthy. The only area where users needed training was to help them use the drill-up feature in the context menu.

Going live
During the proof of concept stage, a number of preparatory tasks were able to be completed, which contributed to an early go-live date for the project. The first reports were put into production after only two months.

For example, Oberbank’s IT company, DREI-BANKEN-EDV Gesellschaft mbH, specified that reports needed to be made to evaluate the stability of Microsoft SQL Server. These requirements can now be dealt with very quickly, and existing WebFOCUS reports will be replaced with the new IBM solution.

About Pitagora Information Management
Founded in 1993, Pitagora Informationsmanagement is headquartered in Innsbruck and has branches in Dornbirn, Vienna and Linz. It combines business intelligence, corporate performance management, smarter communications and IT to enable smarter work: intelligent ways of working to help companies overcome challenges around governance, management and further development.

For more information on products and services from Pitagora Informationsmanagement GmbH visit www.pitagora.at.

About IBM Business Analytics
IBM Business Analytics software delivers data-driven insights that help organisations work smarter and outperform their peers. This comprehensive portfolio includes solutions for business intelligence, predictive analytics and decision management, performance management, and risk management.

Business Analytics solutions enable companies to identify and visualise trends and patterns in areas, such as customer analytics, that can have a profound effect on business performance. They can compare scenarios, anticipate potential threats and opportunities, better plan, budget and forecast resources, balance risks against expected returns and work to meet regulatory requirements. By making analytics widely available, organisations can align tactical and strategic decision-making to achieve business goals.

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