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Delivering deep insights into sales performance with IBM and Kapacity

Published on 15-May-2013

"With the help of Kapacity and the IBM Cognos Business Intelligence solution we have built a new platform which has added a great deal of value to our business. Using Pharmaview, we can help our clients to get the deep sales insights they need to thrive in the Danish pharmaceutical market." - Martin Jordt Andersen, Director, DLI Market Intelligence

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Founded in 1970 in Copenhagen, Denmark, DLI Market Intelligence (DLIMI) provides market intelligence for the Danish pharmaceutical industry. Owned by the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif), the company uses its deep industry expertise to deliver analytics insights to more than 100 clients across Denmark.

Business need:
DLIMI wanted to provide its clients in the Danish pharmaceutical industry with the deep sales insights they needed to migrate away from declining traditional revenue streams.

Using IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence 10 software, DLIMI and IBM Business Partner Kapacity worked together to develop Pharmaview – a SaaS analytics solution for the Danish pharmaceutical industry.

Delivers deep insights into product sales, from a national overview down to the level of individual pharmacies. Enables clients to develop more effective marketing and sales strategies.

Case Study

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Founded in 1970 in Copenhagen, Denmark, DLI Market Intelligence (DLIMI) provides market intelligence for the Danish pharmaceutical industry. Owned by the Danish Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry (Lif), the company uses its deep industry expertise to deliver analytics insights to more than 100 clients across Denmark.

Pharmaceutical revenues under threat
In a fast-changing economic climate, pharmaceutical companies’ traditional revenues are under threat. As Martin Jordt Andersen, Director at DLIMI, explains: “The pharmaceutical industry is currently facing two major challenges. The first is that traditional business models are under pressure because many of the industry’s high-value drug patents are now expiring – meaning that companies face competition from generic drugs at very low prices. Attempting to compensate by extending existing product lines will therefore not yield the same returns as the initial patent.”

Andersen continues: “The second challenge is the global economic downturn. As unemployment rises and tax revenues drop, publicly funded healthcare providers need to find ways to continue to deliver high-quality services with smaller budgets. To protect investment in front-line care services, hospitals must spend much less on medications. The combined effect of both factors is that traditional pharmaceutical profits are declining rapidly.”

Need for deeper sales insights
DLIMI realised that its clients in the pharmaceutical sector needed an even tighter focus on sales and marketing to protect their revenues and profits. If it could offer pharmaceutical companies deeper insights into which medical products customers were buying across Denmark, the company could help its clients to identify ways to optimise marketing budgets, refine pricing structures and, ultimately, drive sales performance.

“Considering the challenges that the pharmaceutical industry is facing, it is more important than ever for our clients to deploy their resources effectively,” says Andersen.

“In Denmark, there is an enormous amount of highly structured data on pharmaceutical sales. However, without a deep understanding of the market to interpret the data accurately, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. We wanted to use our industry-leading expertise to empower our clients with the tools they need to get value from this data – enabling them to identify sales opportunities in a rapidly changing marketplace.”

Developing an analytics solution
To achieve its objective, DLIMI needed to deliver actionable insights to its clients, faster. This required the organisation to refresh its legacy analytics solution, which relied heavily on labour-intensive, paper-based processes.

“In the past, we used spreadsheets to generate reports, which we then printed out, bound, and posted to our clients,” says Andersen. “In addition to being time-consuming on our side, this approach did not offer our clients the ability to drill down through the data to get a deeper understanding of their sales performance and campaign effectiveness.”

The company recognised that a fully electronic solution would shorten time-to-insight for its clients dramatically – helping them to use up-to-the-minute information to identify and take advantage of opportunities to improve sales.

Deploying IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
Working together with IBM Business Partner Kapacity, DLIMI developed a suite of analytics solutions known as Pharmaview, which is based on IBM Cognos Business Intelligence 10 software. Pharmaview is delivered as a software-as-a-service solution, which enables DLIMI’s clients to log in via a web portal to get instant access to real-time sales data across all regions of Denmark.

“With Kapacity’s assistance, we created a comprehensive analytics platform,” says Andersen. “Pharmaview offers five levels of detail according to the resolution of the sales insights – ranging from a country-wide overview down to the level of individual pharmacies. Today, our clients can choose the Pharmaview solution that delivers the level of insight that matches their specific business requirements.”

To comply with strict Danish legislation, Pharmaview displays only the data on competitors’ product sales that each of its clients is legally permitted to see. Based on a centrally configured master data model, the solution delivers the appropriate level of insight to each of DLIMI’s clients automatically. In addition to ensuring easy manageability, using a master data model significantly reduces the complexity of introducing new clients to Pharmaview.

Andersen comments: “Creating Pharmaview was a complex process, as it required us to represent the intricate network of hierarchies and dependencies that determine which data our clients may access. The expertise of the Kapacity team was invaluable throughout the development process – and our relationship is equally strong today. Whenever we are considering introducing a new feature, we often consult Kapacity for a second opinion.”

Pharmaview delivers deep sales insights
Today, DLIMI delivers the Pharmaview solution to 100 clients across Denmark. Because the company’s solution is based on IBM Cognos Business Intelligence, Pharmaview offers a high level of automation for standard reporting tasks. In addition to freeing DLIMI’s personnel to invest more time in activities that add greater value for its clients, automated reporting has brought considerable benefits for business intelligence teams at the pharmaceutical companies themselves.

Andersen comments: “Pharmaview provides instant insight into the bestselling products across the whole country, across specific regions, and even in individual pharmacies – provided on a daily basis if need be.

“Using near real-time sales insights in Pharmaview, our clients’ business intelligence teams can identify new or established product lines where sales are higher or lower than expected – helping them to ensure that their marketing, pricing and sales strategies are effective. This is especially important during the launch of new products, as securing a leading market share early in the patent lifetime is vital for ensuring profitability.”

Enabling mobile reporting
To further enhance the Pharmaview solution, DLIMI has rolled out mobile reporting functionality – making sales data available as offline reports.

“Our users can use Pharmaview to generate self-contained, fully interactive reports for use on smartphones and tablet devices,” says Andersen. “We also use the solution for our own internal reporting. The ability to describe our own positive experience with the software helps us create a more compelling value proposition for Pharmaview for prospective clients.”

DLIMI has achieved its business goal of enabling its clients in the pharmaceutical sector to identify new opportunities to improve sales performance and gradually migrate away from declining traditional revenue streams.

Andersen concludes: “With the help of Kapacity and the IBM Cognos 10 solution we have built a new platform which has added a great deal of value to our business. Using Pharmaview, we can help our clients to get the deep sales insights they need to thrive in the Danish pharmaceutical market.”

About Kapacity
Kapacity is a Danish consultancy firm with expertise in business intelligence, analytics and data warehousing solutions. With many years of technical experience and deep corporate awareness, Kapacity has demonstrated its core competences in a diverse range of public and private sector organisations.

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