Eniro accelerates group consolidation by three days per month

Reducing the cost and complexity of regulatory compliance with IBM and Addedo

Published on 19-Nov-2012

"Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the IBM solution. Cognos Controller has helped us to reduce the time and effort required to meet the strict regulatory standards for group consolidation." - Robert Luks, Financial Controller, Eniro


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Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Eniro is a leading internet search company and producer of telephone directories, with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland. Employing 3,500 people and generating an annual turnover of four billion SEK, the company is also listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market.

Business need:
Eniro wanted to cut the cost and complexity of its group financial consolidation process, and reduce its reliance on external consultants.

Eniro migrated data from Hyperion Enterprise software to IBM® Cognos® Controller using a single set of business rules – supporting the generation of monthly, quarterly and yearly group consolidation reports.

Reduces the need for external consultants by 75 percent

Cuts the time required to prepare for a group consolidation by three days per month. Decreases the time required to complete a group consolidation by 80 percent.

Case Study

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Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Eniro is a leading internet search company and producer of telephone directories, with operations in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Poland. Employing 3,500 people and generating an annual turnover of four billion SEK, the company is also listed on the NASDAQ Stock Market.

Meeting regulatory challenges
Eniro wanted to reduce the cost and complexity of its group financial consolidation process. By doing this, the company also expected to simplify the onboarding of new acquisitions to facilitate compliance with intensifying regulatory demands.

As Robert Luks, Financial Controller at Eniro, explains: “Eniro has 20 operational companies spread over five countries, and a considerable number of holding companies on top of that. To comply with industry regulations, we need to ensure that our group financial consolidation reports for all of our companies are completely accurate.

“In the past, we relied on Hyperion Enterprise software to run our monthly consolidation processes. However, our particular Hyperion solution was a black box when it came to acquisition eliminations. In order to integrate newly acquired companies into the solution, we were reliant on external consultants. This meant that we were incurring significant costs and diminishing our flexibility for integrating acquisitions that were made shortly before the closing period.”

The legacy solution did not allow additional dimensions to be added to existing accounts, which meant that the Eniro finance team was forced to create new accounts or entity structures whenever regulators requested more information that was not already held in Hyperion Enterprise, or whenever group management made additions to the internal management model. The more accounts and structures added, the more time-consuming the consolidation and system maintenance processes became.

In addition to complicating the process of producing external reports for regulators, the configuration of Eniro’s previous solution made internal management reporting for the business a time-consuming, manual effort.

“Our Hyperion solution was not configured to easily handle the changes in the acquisition eliminations and the currency conversion tasks that are involved in performing a full statutory consolidation,” says Robert Luks. “In many cases, we were reliant on external spreadsheets and often also on Hyperion consultants to do last-minute system code changes – increasing the time required to create both management reports and external financial statements.

“Previously, it took a lot of time and effort to maintain the systems codes involved in running the consolidation and elimination process. The consolidation process was also very fragile. If we were in the middle of running a consolidation and one of our 20 companies entered or changed data, the consolidation process would terminate.

“Before we ran the consolidation again, we would have to telephone the people who were logged on to ask them to save their work and log off the system, which was very time-consuming. This meant that consolidation could only take place at dedicated times, and that late changes and group adjustments took even more time.”

Identifying requirements
To improve the cost- and time-efficiency of its group consolidation process, Eniro undertook a full review of its requirements.

Robert Luks comments: “First, we performed an internal pre-study. This was extremely helpful, as it allowed us to work out the additional financial data that we wanted our companies to provide, as well as the IT resources – such as servers and storage hardware – that we needed to support the requirements of a new software solution.

“Our financial team is always extremely busy, so we brought in external consultants to support us with the pre-study. This saved us a lot of time, and allowed us to quickly identify our key selection criteria for the new solution.”

Choosing IBM Cognos Controller
Eniro considered solutions from four different vendors before ultimately choosing IBM Cognos Controller.

“As well as presenting their solution, the IBM team offered us a plan with a timeframe for implementation,” says Robert Luks. “We met the implementation team at the initial Cognos Controller presentation, and they helped us to get a good understanding of the integration process straight away.

“We were very impressed with the IBM Cognos Controller software. We were already using IBM Cognos TM1 as a budgetary tool in our accounting department in Sweden, and we liked the fact that Controller was part of a suite of interconnected products.

Working together with IBM implementation consultants, Eniro deployed IBM Cognos Controller. Data from the company’s legacy Hyperion software was automatically migrated to IBM Cognos Controller using a single set of business rules.

“The migration of data from Hyperion to Cognos Controller went extremely smoothly,” says Robert Luks. “After working with Hyperion and IBM Cognos Controller simultaneously for one month to check that both were reporting the same figures, we switched off our legacy solution. The whole process was completed on time and within budget.”

Boosting performance of group consolidation
IBM Cognos Controller enables Eniro to reduce the cost and complexity of group consolidation. Using the dimensional modelling capabilities in IBM Cognos Controller, the company can gain the insights it needs to satisfy regulators and its own internal reporting requirements without creating multiple new accounts – resulting in a large boost in performance.

“In the past, it took a lot of time and effort to run a consolidation exercise,” says Robert Luks. “Thanks to IBM Cognos Controller, it now takes us just three minutes to run a group consolidation – an improvement of 80 percent. Once underway, the process cannot be interrupted by users who are still reporting or adjusting reported numbers.

“Furthermore, if one of our companies inputs inconsistent data into one of the submission forms, Cognos Controller will not allow the company to close the period in question and mark it as ‘ready’. Data validation from Cognos Controller has cut the time it takes to prepare for a group consolidation by three days per month.”

Cutting the need for external consultants by 75 percent
Since implementing IBM Cognos Controller, Eniro has performed several acquisitions using the new solution.

“Before the IBM solution, registering new acquisitions was an extremely complex process that required us to employ external consultants,” says Robert Luks. “Using Cognos Controller means our consolidation system is no longer a black box, and we’ve reduced the need to employ external consultants by 75 percent.”

Looking to the future
Following the success of its IBM Cognos Controller implementation, Eniro is looking into the possibility of increasing the functionality of its solution by harnessing the output reporting capabilities of IBM Cognos TM1 for Controller data.

“Working with our trusted IBM Business Partner, Addedo, we want to create a data cube for IBM Cognos Controller in IBM Cognos TM1 to deliver even deeper insights into our financial data,” concludes Robert Luks. “Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the IBM solution. Cognos Controller has helped us to reduce the time and effort required to meet the strict regulatory standards for group consolidation.”

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