Security First Insurance deepens connection with policyholders

IBM Content Analytics software builds bridge between social media posts and the claim process

Published on 14-Feb-2013

"When customers contact us through their iPhones, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or email, they receive the same timely attention as when they call the company or go to our web portal." - Werner Kruck, chief operating officer, Security First Insurance

Security First Insurance


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Security First Insurance had mastered customer service through its call center and web portal but needed help with email and social media. Using IBM Enterprise Content Management software, the insurer enhances service to policyholders no matter which channels they use to get in touch.

Business need:
Security First wanted to be available to its customers no matter how they chose to get in touch. It also needed to integrate its social media responses into the claims process to comply with regulations

IBM Business Partner Integritie configured a solution called Social Media Capture using IBM Content Analytics, IBM Content Collector for Email and IBM FileNet® Content Manager software.

Now Security First Insurance can quickly identify urgent requests and send them to the responsible employees for more rapid, efficient and personalized service.

Case Study

Security First Insurance is one of the largest homeowners’ insurance companies in Florida. Headquartered in Ormond Beach, it employs more than 80 insurance professionals to serve its nearly 190,000 customers.

Being there for customers storm after storm, year after year

Florida has more property and people exposed to hurricanes than any state in the country. Each year, the Atlantic Ocean averages 12 named storms and nine named hurricanes. Security First is one of a few Florida homeowners’ insurance companies that has the financial strength to withstand multiple natural disasters. “One of our promises is to be there for our customers, storm after storm, year after year,” says Werner Kruck, chief operating officer for Security First.

During a typical month, Security First processes 700 claims. However, in the aftermath of a hurricane, that number can swell to tens of thousands within days. It can be a challenge for the company to quickly scale up to handle the influx of customers trying to file post-storm insurance claims for damaged property and possessions. In the past, customers submitted claims primarily by phone and sometimes email. Today, policyholders use any means available to connect with an agent or claims representative, including posting a question or comment on the company’s Facebook page or Twitter account.

Although Security First provides ongoing monitoring of its Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as its multiple email addresses and call centers, the company knew that the communication volume after a major storm required a more aggressive approach. “We were concerned that if a massive number of customers contacted us through email or social media after a hurricane, we would be unable to respond quickly and appropriately,” Kruck says. “We need to be available to our customers in whatever way they want to contact us.” In addition, Security First recognized the need to integrate its social media responses into the claims process and document those responses to comply with industry regulations.

Providing responsive service no matter how customers get in touch

Security First contacted IBM Business Partner Integritie for help with harnessing social media to improve the customer experience. Integritie configured a solution built on key IBM Enterprise Content Management software components, featuring IBM Content Analytics with Enterprise Search, IBM Content Collector for Email and IBM® FileNet® Content Manager software. Called Social Media Capture 4 (SMC4) , the Integritie solution offers four critical capabilities for managing social media platforms: capture, control, compliance and communication. For example, the SMC4 solution logs all social networking interaction for Security First, captures content, monitors incoming and outgoing messages and archives all communication for compliance review.

Because the solution uses open IBM Enterprise Content Management software, Security First can easily link it to critical company applications, databases and processes. For example, Content Collector for Email software automatically captures email content and attachments and sends an email back to the policyholder acknowledging receipt. In addition, Content Analytics with Enterprise Search software sifts through and analyzes the content of customers’ posts and emails. The software then captures information gleaned from this analysis directly into claims documents to begin the claims process. Virtually all incoming communication from the company’s web, the Internet and emails is pulled into a central FileNet Content Manager software repository to maintain, control and link to the appropriate workflow. “We can bring the customer conversation and any pictures and attachments into our policy and claims management system and use it to trigger our claims process and add to our documentation,” says Kruck.

Prioritizing communications with access to smarter content

People whose homes have been damaged or destroyed by a hurricane are often displaced quickly, with little more than the clothes on their backs. Grabbing an insurance policy on the way out the door is often an afterthought. They’re relying on their insurance companies to have the information they need to help them get their lives back in order as quickly as possible.

When tens of thousands of policyholders require assistance within a short period of time, Security First must triage requests quickly. The Content Analytics with Enterprise Search software that anchors the SMC4 solution provides the information necessary to help the company identify and address the most urgent cases first. The software automatically sifts through data in email and social media posts, tweets and comments using text mining, text analytics, natural language processing and sentiment analytics to detect words and tones that identify significant property damage or that convey distress. Security First can then prioritize the messages and route them to the proper personnel to provide reassurance, handle complaints or process a claim. “With access to smarter content, we can respond to our customers in a more rapid, efficient and personalized way,” says Kruck. “When customers are having a bad experience, it’s really important to get to them quickly with the level of assistance appropriate to their particular situations.”

Successfully addressing potential compliance issues

Companies in all industries must stay compliant with new and emerging regulatory requirements regarding social media. The text analysis capabilities provided in the IBM software help Security First filter inappropriate incoming communications and audit outbound communications, avoiding potential issues with message content. The company can be confident that the responses its employees provide are compliant and controlled based on both Security First policies and industry regulations.

Security First can designate people or roles in the organization that are authorized to create and submit responses. The system automatically verifies these designations and analyzes outgoing message content, stopping any ineffective or questionable communications for further review. “Everything is recorded for compliance, so we can effectively track and maintain the process. We have the ability to control which employees respond, their level of authority and the content of their responses,” says Kruck.

These capabilities give Security First the confidence to expand its use of social media. Because compliance is covered, the company can focus on additional opportunities for direct dialog with customers. Before this solution, Security First filtered customer communications through agents. Now it can reach out to customers directly and proactively as a company.

“We’re one of the first insurance companies in Florida to make ourselves available to customers whenever, wherever and however they choose to communicate. We’re also managing internal processes more effectively and proactively, reaching out to customers in a controlled and compliant manner,” says Kruck.

Business benefits

● Turns social media into an actionable communications channel during a major disaster
● Speeds claims processes by initiating claims with information from email and social media posts
● Facilitates prioritizing urgent cases by analyzing social media content for keywords
● Helps ensure compliance by automatically documenting social media communications

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