Sherrill-Lubinski Corp. accelerates development with IBM Cloud technology

An IBM SmartCloud Application Services platform delivers cost-effective tools for custom deployment

Published on 11-Dec-2012

"What we found attractive, when we were exposed to the [IBM] SmartCloud solution and vision, was the idea that you could not only deploy your infrastructure, but also have fully configured servers … that’s a very, very powerful solution." - Tom Lubinski, chief executive officer, Sherrill-Lubinski Corp.

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As the SL customer base evolved, the company’s need to incorporate a variety of applications dramatically increased. The IBM SmartCloud Application Services framework offered a cost-effective platform to develop, deploy and demonstrate new solutions.

Business need:
SL Corporation sought a flexible, application-rich IT environment to accelerate solution demonstration and development without an extensive hardware investment.

The IBM® SmartCloud™ Application Services (SCAS) platform empowers the company’s developers and customers with a wealth of IBM and third-party applications.

SL Corporation reduced its IT expense while enriching its infrastructure capabilities using the readily available tools within the IBM SCAS environment.

Case Study

Corte Madera, California-based Sherrill-Lubinski Corp. (SL) provides near-real-time monitoring, analytics and visualization software to customers in a plethora of industries, including manufacturing; energy and utilities; financial services; communications; defense and aerospace; pharmaceutical; retail; travel; technology; and transportation. Customers rely on SL solutions to obtain instantaneous insight into systems, applications and business performance to help monitor and measure efficiencies as well as take corrective action when the solutions identify challenges or potential threats. During the corporation’s three decades of operation, its customer base has evolved from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) distribution method to a model that includes direct sales.


The sophisticated solution development and deployment that SL offers often require significant computing power support. Although the company’s larger customers often integrate solutions into their IT infrastructures, midsize and small customers frequently seek hosted environments to meet their monitoring needs. Tom Lubinski, chief executive officer of SL, describes: “In the last decade, our focus has really been on the explosive growth and development of complex, multitier distributed applications. So we’ve targeted our solutions around monitoring the overall health state of complex applications.” The company focuses on the design and deployment of analysis tools that can help customers make good decisions and quickly determine the source of problems through easy-to-interpret dashboards and reports. As its customer base grew, the solution provider sought a resource-rich, reliable cloud platform that could provide the processing power and application support needed for product development, testing and deployment as well as the capability to host customers’ monitoring solutions.


After a considerable discovery phase using a variety of third-party cloud platforms, SL deployed the high-capability IBM SmartCloud Application Services (SCAS) platform. The IBM SmartCloud framework contains leading applications such as IBM DB2®, IBM Tivoli® NetCool®, IBM WebSphere® Application Server and IBM WebSphere MQ software that both complement and supplement the solution provider’s products and capabilities. The flexibility of the IBM SCAS environment provide users of SL’s RTView monitoring application with their own tailored, customized, quick-access views that include amalgamated data from IBM and third-party systems, a feature beneficial to its midsize and large customer bases. For its rapidly expanding business—small companies—SL uses the SCAS solution to host data and IT environments as well as perform small-scale deployments for monitoring capabilities. Regardless of the depth of service required, the IBM SCAS solution provides SL with the scalability and flexibility to tap into the resources as required without the investment, maintenance or sprawl of a complex IT infrastructure environment.

● Delivers readily available, ready-to-use configurations, minimizing resource, development and testing-time expenditures
● Reduces reliance on hardware by transitioning 30 percent of development and demonstrations to an IBM SmartCloud environment
● Streamlines development with leading application tools readily available within the SCAS infrastructure

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