Communications service provider increases development productivity by 30%

IBM Rational Test Workbench software increases efficiency, customer satisfaction and retention

Published on 01-Jul-2012

"IBM’s innovative approach to SOA testing and validation has helped us remain a front-runner in the wireless communication industry." - Manager of enterprise integration, communications service provider

A communications service provider



This communications company offers the latest technologies and innovative multimedia products and services.

Business need:
Communications service provider sought increased business agility and an automated quality assurance process.

IBM Rational Test Workbench software automated tests across the communications service provider’s SOA lifecycle.

The communications service provider enhanced development productivity by 30 percent and reduced errors by 40 percent.

Case Study


This communications service provider engages customers from multiple channels, making service-oriented architecture (SOA) an ideal technology approach. The company had worked with an IBM Business Partner to implement an SOA platform to integrate business support services (BSS) for its operations.

Teams across the organization initiated many projects through the Business Partners’ software, but there was little time to train employees or to develop standards and processes. As the number of projects increased, so did production issues.

The communications service provider was seeking a solution that would create a solid business infrastructure, increase business agility, and automate the integration platform and the quality assurance process. Testing and validation were of paramount importance because as projects move through various phases, new requirements inevitably result in alterations to existing services. End-to-end testing must be repeated more frequently to avoid unintended changes upstream or downstream from a service change.

The communications service provider reached out to IBM for an automated testing and validation solution. IBM provided the strategy, methodology and tools to help ensure that the investment in SOA infrastructure resulted in revenue and customer satisfaction.

The client trained its integration competency center in the deep functionality of IBM Rational Test Workbench software and created automated tests for all of its processes. As the team continued to create automated tests, and their test case library grew, it became obvious that there were huge benefits to be gained by expanding the use of Rational Test Workbench software to other departments.

The new approach allowed developers to execute a suite of tests and view the test results every time they completed a new piece of code and checked it back into their programming repository. This way, test failures were caught as early as possible and contributed to keeping development costs to a minimum.

Rational Test Workbench software supplied coverage metrics of the business partner’s software processes so that the client could better manage goals and results, and the software provided the common assurance framework across the SOA lifecycle.

· Boosted development productivity by 30 percent, which increased efficiency, customer satisfaction and retention
· Decreased overall errors by 40 percent after discovering flaws in the established production processes
· Provided consistent automated testing across the SOA lifecycle and formalized regression testing

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