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A bank streamlines application testing with IBM Rational software

Published on 01-Jul-2012

"IBM Rational Test Workbench software lends itself to complex environments. We use it to test across platforms, which significantly cuts the time required to roll out applications." - assistant VP of retail banking, A banking company

A banking company



This financial services organization provides banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance services.

Business need:
To accelerate the rollout of quality Web Services, the bank needed to reduce administrative and maintenance work associated with its testing process.

IBM Rational Test Workbench software automates application testing, integrates with other testing tools, and tests across middleware platforms.

An intuitive solution, IBM Rational Test Workbench software promoted rapid execution and analysis across the bank’s entire test bed.

Case Study


This bank provides banking, insurance, investments, mortgage and consumer finance services to customers across North America.

In an organization where system unavailability has a direct impact on customer confidence, there is a heavy burden on the infrastructure to provide seamless services. As a result, the bank’s Quality Assurance Team must ensure that its Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) applications are of the highest quality.

As the Web Services market matured, it quickly became clear that the bank’s proprietary testing solution was not the most effective way to deliver and maintain SOA applications. The bank often needed to divert resources from testing mission-critical applications to maintain and further develop the testing solution itself. There were also complexities relating to Web Services versioning and test bed maintenance. Thus, the assistant vice-president of retail banking began looking for best of breed applications that would enable the QA Team to focus on testing.

To address its needs, the QA Team implemented a trio of unique testing solutions. While another web services tool handled manual functional testing, HP Quality Center software managed the testing workflow. Finally, IBM Rational Test Workbench software facilitated automated testing of SOA applications. Promoting seamless data sharing amongst testing tools, the Rational Test Workbench software offered a plug-in for the HP Quality Center software that provided the team with traceability from the requirements set to the engineer’s test cases and the automated test scripts.

The QA Team used Rational Test Workbench software to store and execute procedure tests for its Web Services and IBM® WebSphere® MQ software. Testing in a black box environment without a user interface, the solution was used to build, store and analyze all test scripts. The solution’s ability to store an individual automated script for each application reduced the administration required to maintain different versions. Once the scripts were run, Rational Test Workbench software clearly showed where code had failed, enabling the QA Team to establish if the failure related to data, code or an environmental defect and assign the appropriate actions.

Another useful feature was the solution’s ability to test applications across multiple middleware platforms. In fact, Rational Test Workbench software largely replaced the homegrown test framework, negating the need to maintain a custom framework. “Rational Test Workbench lends itself to complex environments. We use it to test across platforms which significantly cuts the time required to roll out applications. In fact, without it, we couldn’t guarantee an application’s quality before it’s used by customers,” noted the assistant VP of retail banking.

In the future, the bank plans to expand its use of Rational Test Workbench software by rolling it out to its development team. The solution will establish a common set of testing tools and improve communications between the departments. The organization is also investigating the use of IBM Rational Test Virtualization Server software. The solution will enable the QA team to develop virtualized components to replace system components during unit, functional and performance testing, cutting costs associated with developing and maintaining SOA applications.

· Promoted rapid execution and analysis across the entire test bed
· Reduced the time it takes to roll out quality SOA applications
· Facilitated seamless data sharing amongst testing tools

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