An aerospace and defense company does more with less

The company processes 650 percent more requirements per day using IBM Rational DOORS software

Published on 18-Apr-2012

"The main measure of the benefit of using Rational DOORS is manifested in the ‘do more with less’ environment. Using the customizable attribute of the software, we were able to still perform the same level of work with a workforce that was continually reduced." - A senior systems engineer, aerospace and defense company

An aerospace and defense company

Aerospace & Defense


This aerospace and defense company is a FORTUNE 500 company with approximately 40,000 employees worldwide. Based in the United States, it provides quality scientific and technical products and services to help its customers address their needs in the areas of national security, energy and environment, health, and cyber security.

Business need:
The company needed a requirements management solution for its customers, including a number of aerospace and defense (A&D) companies, as well as for its own internal employees.

Using IBM® Rational® DOORS® software, one department helps its customers and internal users manage increasing numbers of requirements with fewer resources.

One of the company’s customers was able to capture more than 200,000 requirements under a tight deadline, enabling the customer to win an award fee of over USD100 million.

Case Study

The need

The engineering and analysis department of the company needed a requirements management solution for its customers, including a number of aerospace and defense (A&D) companies, as well as for its own internal employees. Its customers within the A&D industry are often contractually bound to deliver a product or service based on requirements set by their own customers. Projects of this nature can include hundreds or even thousands of requirements, so tracking the fulfillment of those requirements, including testing and validation is a critical task.

The solution
The department uses IBM® Rational® DOORS® software to create requirements management solutions for its customers and internal users. The department also provides requirements training classes based on Rational DOORS software to its customers and to internal employees

With the application’s native scripting language, the department can customize the Rational DOORS software for each project. Both the company and its customers have been able to use Rational DOORS software to manage increasing numbers of requirements with fewer resources. In fact, the company has been able to perform the same amount of work with a workforce that was continually reduced by 30 percent, 50 percent and eventually 70 percent.

In addition, the application helps users with requirements compliance. Any code, testing or validation done to support a requirement can be easily traced back to the original user need. This high level traceability helped one customer demonstrate that it had captured 200,000 requirements for a system of systems specification within a tight deadline, which resulted in an award fee of over USD100 million.

• Enables the company to process 3,000 requirements per day with two people, whereas in the past, it was processing 1,000 requirements per day with five people
• Provides traceability that enables customers to demonstrate that requirements have been satisfied, helping customers win contracts
• Enables users to provide reports demonstrating compliance with applicable regulations, thereby making it easier to pass audits

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