Sauk County improves efficiency by extending support to field staff

IBM Lotus Notes and Domino software helps police officers complete daily logs online

Published on 25-Mar-2013

"With the XPages web application development framework, we don’t have to rely on third-party software vendors. Creating the web interface in-house can save the county an estimated 75 percent in contractor costs per application." - Merry Berg, software specialist, Sauk County

Sauk County


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United States

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The Learning Continuum Company (TLCC)


Located in the southwestern part of the state, Sauk County serves one of the 10 fastest growing counties in Wisconsin. Currently, the county is home to more than 61,000 people with a median age of close to 40 years.

Business need:
Each day, police officers in the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department turned in handwritten logs from which secretaries pulled expense and mileage data for input into a spreadsheet.

Using IBM® Lotus Notes® and Domino® 8.5 application development tools, the county deployed an online log that police officers can access from virtually anywhere through a Web 2.0-style browser.

Officers enter required information directly into the database, saving hours of secretarial time and improving data analysis and reporting.

Case Study

Located in the southwestern part of the state, Sauk County serves one of the 10 fastest growing counties in Wisconsin. Currently, the county is home to more than 61,000 people with a median age of close to 40 years.

In the Sauk County Sheriff’s Department, patrol members completed paper logs to document their activity during each shift. They turned over these logs to secretaries who input required log data into a spreadsheet. The objective was to track fuel costs, mileage and vehicle maintenance, among other budgetary items, and to document federally subsidized work. For example, the county monitored the time spent on policing within the nearby Indian reservation to justify grant money. In addition to the demand on secretarial staff time, police officers had to come back to the office to turn in their logs before shift end. Also, the static spreadsheet data made analysis and reporting difficult. The county wanted officers out in the field to directly update expense and grant reporting databases, eliminating duplicate effort and providing more accurate and timely information.

Sauk County already used its IBM® Lotus Notes® and Domino® platform to offer a number of online services. Third-party software vendors provided the thin client or web front-end for most of these services. In 2011, Sauk County upgraded to Lotus Notes and Domino 8.5 software, which includes the XPages web application development framework. Sauk County software specialist Merry Berg had been using Domino Designer and IBM Lotus Enterprise Integrator® for Domino software to build applications that integrate data from other Sauk County systems. With the new XPages controls in Domino Designer, she could now also create a web interface to the Domino database that she developed for capturing police officer log information.

To help get up to speed on the XPages framework, Berg took several instructor-led and self-paced online courses from IBM Advanced Business Partner The Learning Continuum Company (TLCC). In addition, she used the TLCC mentoring services for assistance while developing the police officer log interface. Even with the learning curve, the department saved time completing the project. “We knew what we wanted done; we knew what we needed to capture and why. I didn’t have to explain it to an external developer,” says Berg. “That in itself was a huge savings.”

A number of police officers are now testing the solution. They update the Lotus Domino database while out in the field by simply authenticating to Lotus Notes and the Domino server through IBM Lotus iNotes® software and using the new web interface to fill in their logs from laptops in their cruisers. The officers are enthusiastic about the new process. They don’t have to return to the office each night to drop off their logs, and secretaries are pleased they no longer have to decipher log entries and input data. When fully deployed, the solution will serve 45 police officers. By decreasing the time and expense of creating web-based applications, the county anticipates accelerating the extension of operational support to mobile employees working directly with citizens. It also expects to speed deployment of new online services to county residents.

Expected benefits
• Save Sauk County Sheriff’s Department secretaries hours weekly in unproductive time inputting data from written logs
• Improve access to timely information for cost-effective staffing, financial and budgetary decisions
• Eliminate the need for third-party web interface developers, for an estimated cost savings of up to 75 percent

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