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IBM PureApplication System technology helps software company create competitive advantage

Published on 20-Dec-2012

"PureApplication is a good fit because PureSystems technology is reliable and dynamically scalable, and it ensures high availability in the insurance space and financial industry." - Nicolouw Kruger, cloud strategist, Silvermoon Business Systems

Silvermoon Business Systems

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Silvermoon Business Systems


Silvermoon Business Systems is an international software and services company specializing in insurance system solutions.

Business need:
As part of its continuous focus on making its software easier and faster to deploy, Silvermoon Business Systems hoped to create a competitive advantage by removing integration complexities of its LUNOS Enterprise Suite software on the cloud.

Silvermoon optimized its LUNOS Enterprise Suite software for IBM® PureApplication™ System technology, which is built for a cloud environment and provides integration by design.

With enhanced capabilities from the IBM PureSystems™ solution, Silvermoon anticipates a 50 percent savings in IT-specialist costs and expects to increase its competitive edge.

Case Study

With offices in South Africa (Cape Town and Johannesburg), Belgium, India and the United States, Silvermoon Business Systems is an international software and services company specializing in insurance system solutions. An IBM Business Partner, the organization targets small to midsize insurance companies in the life, health, and short-term property and casualty insurance markets, as well as pension funds.

The company’s primary offering is LUNOS Enterprise Suite software, composed of insurance system modules that are licensed in sets or individually. LUNOS Enterprise Suite software provides end-to-end insurance solutions, and insurers can use the software’s components to build systems based on their particular specifications and requirements. As customers’ needs change over time, the LUNOS solution can grow and adapt.

Seeking simplified integration to enhance competitive advantage

Many insurance companies run complex technical systems that require high-level skill and experience to function properly. Silvermoon designed LUNOS Enterprise Suite software to work in various technology environments and adapt to insurers’ unique needs so that they can quickly implement the software solution and operate better insurance businesses.
Once an insurer successfully implements LUNOS Enterprise Suite software, it can launch new insurance products in a matter of weeks, as opposed to months. It is critical to Silvermoon that LUNOS software boasts portability and exists on the cloud so that its customers can increase their speed to market.

However, integration issues have delayed customers’ implementation of LUNOS Enterprise Suite software. Insurers’ technologies vary greatly, so problems arise when disparate technologies and products attempt to work together. These project interruptions can result in additional costs and delays because Silvermoon often has to hire additional experts and then waste valuable time fixing issues.

To avoid time-consuming and expensive delays, Silvermoon needed to broaden its LUNOS Enterprise Suite software from a technology perspective and enhance the software’s infrastructure layer. Silvermoon also wanted to offer its product on the cloud in a “near ready mode” to leapfrog the competition. By removing integration complexities and gaining the ability to implement its solution faster than the competition, Silvermoon will enhance its competitive advantage. In fact, the company’s goal is to offer insurers a comprehensive “insurance in a box” solution.

IBM PureApplication System technology provides an integrated cloud solution

Silvermoon optimized its LUNOS Enterprise Suite software for IBM PureApplication System technology from the IBM PureSystems product family. The company chose PureApplication System technology because it is fully portable, irrespective of the underlying platform, and it provides a single-source application solution for Silvermoon customers. Built for a cloud environment, the PureApplication System solution provides inherent expertise, integration by design and a simplified experience.

By optimizing LUNOS Enterprise Suite software for PureApplication System technology, Silvermoon is able to offer its customers an “insurance in a box” solution. When an insurer chooses to run LUNOS Enterprise Suite software on PureApplication System technology, Silvermoon strengthens its ability to deliver its solution quickly on the cloud. It was essential for Silvermoon that its solution run on various technology platforms while remaining completely layered from a software architecture perspective. The PureApplication System solution was ideal because of its versatility.

Challenging the competition with scalability, reliability and cost savings

Silvermoon expects to see significant benefits from optimizing its LUNOS Enterprise Suite software for the PureApplication System solution. Nicolouw Kruger, cloud strategist for Silvermoon, explains, “PureApplication is a good fit because PureSystems technology is dynamically reliable and scalable, and it ensures high availability in the insurance space and financial industry.”

Silvermoon will use the solution’s automated scalability to enhance its LUNOS Enterprise Suite software on the cloud. The hidden costs of offering an on-demand-based environment should not be underestimated. However, with PureApplication System technology, the company can automatically scale its solution without becoming overburdened or having to hire expensive application and database server experts to oversee the technical intricacies required for scaling.

As a result, Silvermoon expects to see a 50 percent savings in IT-specialist costs, and the company reduces the typical deployment time of their application from two weeks to 18 minutes. In addition, automated scalability, high availability and elevated reliability decrease project expenditures. Silvermoon believes that PureApplication System technology will help enable the insurance industry and its target customers to dramatically drive down costs, which can result in less expensive insurance products and more reliable delivery to consumers. This can allow insurers to launch more innovative products instead of focusing efforts on stabilizing existing, disparate products.

Understanding the complexities and costs associated with disparate systems, Kruger appreciates the comprehensive nature of the PureSystems solution. “IBM technology comes at an unprecedented value. Look at the hidden cost of trying to manually create a streamlined, integrated platform comparable to the PureApplication System, as opposed to implementing this ready-to-use, reliable solution from PureSystems.”

With enhanced capabilities from the PureSystems solution, Silvermoon will gain the confidence and credibility to approach large insurers, and it expects to increase its competitive edge.

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