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Published on 20-Aug-2012

"IBM is always trying to put better infrastructure, not only in terms of equipment or boxes, but also the best practices." - Emilio Rodríguez Hinojosa, Director of IT Applications



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AXTEL, one of Mexico’s largest telecommunications providers, faces intense competition from new market entrants. With sales of more than 10 billion Pesos (approximately $730 million) and around 8,000 employees, AXTEL is expanding vigorously into new markets.

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With its rapidly expanding services and customer base, leading Mexican telecommunications provider AXTEL required a storage platform able to address fast data growth, consolidation goals, and virtualization requirements while combining consistent high performance with low TCO.

After assessing its options, AXTEL now runs SAP, Oracle, Microsoft SharePoint, and Siebel applications with an integrated IBM server and storage infrastructure, including IBM XIV Gen3, IBM DS8300, IBM ProtecTIER, and IBM System Storage SAN Volume Controller.

In addition to gaining newfound windfalls from business analytics, AXTEL has consolidated its storage by 75%; increased performance by 50-60%; reduced the amount of data that needs to be stored by 20-25%; significantly streamlined storage management and cut storage TCO.


Axtel chooses IBM Smarter Storage to address fast data growth, consolidation goals and virtualization requirements. Axtel is one of Mexico’s largest telecommunications providers. With sales of approximately $730 million and around 8,000 employees, Axtel is expanding vigorously into new markets.

Video Transcript

Axtel Corporation

Telecommunications and IT Services Provider
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Gaspar Rivera Del Valle, Director of IT Evolution, AXTEL

Emilio Rodríguez Hinojosa, Director of IT-Applications, AXTEL

Jose Gerardo Treviño Fernandez, Director of IT Operations, AXTEL

Del Valle: AXTEL is the second largest phone company in Mexico.

Del Valle: We’ve grown, in a relatively short time span, from being a one city operation and zero customers to a million customers and 39 cities.

Del Valle: We are deploying a large FTTH network, and our vision is to bring bundled services communication, ITC services, to our customers, and become a very strong provider in hosting cloud and managed services.

Hinojosa: We had the information fragmented in different parts… The objective was to consolidate in one piece all the information…

Fernandez: ...not just from the information perspective but also from the computing perspective…

Del Valle: …we needed IT to come forward and support the business with growth capabilities, faster response times, cheaper operation.

Fernandez: As part of the business transformation at AXTEL, it’s very critical to start thinking in a different way in the way that we manage IT.

Fernandez: The whole solution as a whole gave us the confidence to reach the high availability and the virtualization capability that we were looking for.

Fernandez: We integrate the storage solution from XIV and DS8000 with specific capabilities in the software layer like ProtecTIER and the Tivoli Management Server that complement the solution for backup and restore.

Hinojosa: The combination of XIV and SVC is very helpful for us… we think we are getting the best practices in terms of storage and virtualization. We consolidate from three or four boxes into one, and the management of information is getting better, faster. Also, in the side of virtualization, we virtualize some servers about 30%.

Fernandez: We can reach reduction of 20% to 25% of the amount of information that we store and that is a huge saving.

Hinojosa: With the version upgrade, the XIV and the SVC, we experience a lot of benefits such as accessing information was sped up and also the performance of the backup processes that would run into SAP. So this enables also the platform to help the users to be faster with our end customers.

Del Valle: We have SAP 6.0; we have SharePoint; we have Oracle databases; we have telco-specific applications like traffic control, and many more.

Hinojosa: We use SAP for business analysis...Business Warehouse in combination with the new infrastructure for storage is helping us to extract information. … to expedite decisions, be more efficient and also don’t have waste of materials or waste of assets

Del Valle: Now we spend less time and we can respond faster to any data growth needed by those systems now that they are running on XIV.

Gerardo: Standardization is very important because it helps us to reduce the time that we spend in order to manage that platform, helps us to reduce the number of tools associated with that operation and helps us to reduce the number of resources that we need…

Hinojosa: We have very intense processes — like logistics, like payroll, like assets processes. Before, they took hours. And right now, when we run those processes, it takes minutes. So we are talking now about …more than 50% or 60% of improvement.

Hinojosa: The telecommunication industry is very dynamic, and the name of the game is evolution and innovation.

Del Valle: Storage is going to be more and more important. if you choose the right approach, you can reduce cost, enhance operations while maintaining performance.

Hinojosa: IBM is always trying to put better infrastructure not only in terms of equipment or boxes but also the best practices.

Gerardo: what we find is that we have the opportunity to react quicker to the business requirements— it's something that the platform gives for us and gives us the flexibility to change on the fly.

Gerardo: … and to plan ahead for the requirements for the future.

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IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

Power 795, Storage: DS8000, Storage: DS8300, Storage: TS7650 Data Deduplication, Storage: XIV

PowerHA, System Storage SAN Volume Controller, FlashCopy, PowerVM, Tivoli Storage Manager

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