1-800-FLOWERS: Implementing a technology roadmap to drive customer satisfaction

Published on 17-Mar-2010

Validated on 15 Aug 2013



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United States

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1-800-FLOWERS fundamentally started off as a flowers company. Over the years, the company has grown to 16 brands, ranging from chocolate, cookies, wines, and gift baskets.

Business need:
From a technology perspective, 1-800-FLOWERS was not centralized. It operated as 16 brands, with disparate systems--something that was hurting the business. The company realized it could not do an effective job when its information was disparate. The company needed to break the silos between the brands and centralize its information to better connect with its customers.

Working with IBM, 1-800-FLOWERS implemented a technology roadmap, establishing ROIs at every leg of the project. To accomplish its enterprise vision, 1-800-FLOWERS invested much time educating the workforce to bring the brands together. The company is working on providing a single view of the company to its customers.

Faster time to market; use of best practices has helped influence its business to think better and leverage its technology in a much more efficient way.


An interview with Nachiket Desai, Vice President Business Intelligence and Enterprise Architecture