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Published on 21-Dec-2012


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Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, DynaFront Systems Berhad, an IBM Advanced Business Partner, develops life insurance applications, systems and software. The company provides comprehensive technology offerings, from front-end sales and mobile solutions to back-end policy administration systems and portals. Serving insurance companies in Asia’s South Pacific, DynaFront has more than 60 employees.

Business need:
To serve its customers better, DynaFront wanted to remove the high costs and complications associated with maintaining its IT infrastructure and sought an easy-to-manage solution that would speed time to market.

DynaFront implemented IBM® PureFlex™ System technology, an integrated solution from the IBM PureSystems™ family, and optimized its software solutions for the PureFlex System environment.

By integrating the server, network and storage, and its management, DynaFront expects to reduce 50 percent of its integration complexities, speed time to market and save maintenance costs.


DynaFront implemented IBM® PureFlex™ System technology, an integrated solution from the IBM PureSystems™ family, and optimized its software solutions for the PureFlex System environment.

Video Transcript

Ho Yee Karm, Chief Marketing Officer at DynaFront: the life insurance industry in the Southeast regions is actually growing …

Ho: we have … base in Malaysia … We have other sites …namely in Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Koreas, Thailand..

Ho: ..our clients can range from small companies to big companies regardless of number of policies.

Ho: In terms of you’re talking about a company who wants to grow right. Launching products and designing products is one of the main criterias.

Chan Eng Lim, CEO at DynaFront: insurance companies … they store very huge volume of data …. …The complication of how to do this in terms of multiple servers, different operating systems, networking and … it become headaches to them and they typically have to spends tens of million if its not hundreds just to get everything’s up

Ho: Then you need the expert knowledge, to really know how to at least set it up

Ho: It may take weeks or even months before you get the system running.

Chan: So we see today that PureFlex from IBM who addresses this problem.

Chan: A single box that addresses everything…

Gan Hui Ping, COO at DynaFront: they just think about the product they want, we can actually help them to apply into our products. Subsequently, they can straight away go to market.

Chan: Everything is ready in terms of application, in terms of server configuration…. You don't have to worry about complication of networking …

Gan: Since I don’t have a big huge technical team to support, I need a small team to do everything managed in one single point of management.

Ho: one of the beauty about … PureFlex is it’s plug and play, everything is just push in the system and it’s up within days, which you cannot find in the traditional method, definitely. In the competitor’s tradition it would take weeks before even my system is up. There is no downtime with the PureFlex.

Gan: by using the PureFlex we will reduce 50% of the integration complexities

Chan: PureFlex give us the flexibility, it give us a cloud in a box …

Gan: what we have is, we have product ready, so they can just plug the product and they can actually launch it in the next day, if they want

Gan: So we’re running on a frontend application actually use an IBM PureFlex so we get a combination of different operating systems. So we are using the Intel base, which is running for the finance,

Gan: We’re also running the backend sales and administration system, we achieve running on IBM P7… on a WebSphere application service.

Gan: PureFlex is actually provider of about 45% of faster performance because we are using a WebSphere application server and it is optimized for the POWER7 technology.

Chan, P7 The benefit of PureFlex … is that it allows us to go into the client almost instantly

Chan: time to market, time which you are down to zero If you agree to use today tomorrow you can use it

Ho: one of the beauty about the PureSystem and our application is it’s actually fully scalable from a startup company, a small company, … they can start off using the same system and can upgrade it before having to change the system immediately to scale it to companies like Prudential… no worries about that.

Chan: The business model that we are offering to the insurance company is something very new that it never done before in the industry. We believe that… as a result we will be managing a lot of innovations and managing innovations you need to have a very powerful and yet easy to manage servers. And we are hoping that PureFlex can bring us the advantage.

Products and services used

IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

PureFlex Standard, Storage: Storwize V7000

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