NCSU - IBM Smarter Computing Client Success Video

Published on 27-Mar-2013

"By working smarter and doing smarter computing, you’ll be able to optimize your systems and, again, leverage your talent for looking for important knowledge." - Dr. Michael Kowolenko, Senior Research Scholar College of Management, North Carolina State University

North Carolina State University


Deployment country:
United States

Big Data, Big Data & Analytics, Big Data & Analytics: Operations/Fraud/Threats, Cloud Computing, Enterprise Content Management, Smarter Computing


North Carolina State University is one of the largest technical colleges in the Southeast.

Business need:
North Carolina State University tries to teach students how to look at a business problem, analyze it, and come to a decision-based understanding of where they’re going to go with a new business.

North Carolina State University uses IBM Connect Analytics as their natural language processing software. Content Analytics couples with BigInsights which runs on the PowerLinux platform. They collect large amounts of information for tagging, indexing and sorting.

North Carolina State University has been able to establish a Cloud computing environment that allows students to use products such as IBM Content Analytic Studio for doing natural language processing.


NCSU - IBM Smarter Computing Client Success Video

Products and services used

IBM products and services that were used in this case study.

PowerLinux 7R2

Content Analytics, InfoSphere BigInsights Enterprise Edition

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