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Stacks up management, cost and resource benefits with IBM System x and IBM System Storage

Published on 07-Jan-2014

"Thanks to the IBM solution, we have a modern IT infrastructure, flexible and ready for future scenarios. We expected this outcome; but what we didn’t expect was that the process would be so easy." - Francesco Bartolomei, IT administrator, CAEM-Magrini S.p.A.

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Italy-based CAEM-Magrini S.p.A. manufactures metal shelving systems for clients ranging from small shops to large chains around the world. With 80 employees headquartered in Subbiano, the company also has a factory in the UK and branches in France, India and Australia.

Business need:
To support ongoing company growth, Italian shelving manufacturer CAEM-Magrini S.p.A. needed a dynamic, high-availability infrastructure that would be easy to manage and upgrade as its needs evolved.

The company deployed a virtualized infrastructure including two IBM® System x® 3650 M4 servers with Intel® Xeon® processors hosting nine virtual machines, and an IBMSystem Storage® DS3500 Express.

In addition to saving an expected EUR15,000 in energy costs over the next five years, CAEM has reduced operating costs, shrunk its IT footprint and enabled nondisruptive upgrades and maintenance.

Case Study

Easing management while accommodating business growth

Hampered by a combination of aging servers and steady company growth, CAEM was looking for a way to ease the burden on its IT department. The company required a more powerful, dynamic and highly available infrastructure.

Francesco Bartolomei, IT administrator at CAEM, explains, “We needed an infrastructure that was easy to manage, and virtualization was the answer. A new virtual machine can be provisioned as needed without requiring an up-front hardware purchase. Also, virtual machines can be easily relocated from one physical machine to another as needed.”

The flexibility and cost effectiveness of a virtual environment appealed to the company, which also wanted an infrastructure that would be easy to upgrade during its five-year plan for growth.

Bartolomei says, “We strive to produce A-level products, and to do that, we need the best possible solutions to simplify our jobs. We went with IBM solutions because they, too, are A-level products.” In addition, he says that the IBM system was the best choice for the quality-to-price ratio.

Virtualizing the infrastructure to ease management and scalability

With the help of IBM Business Partner Uno Informatica, CAEM upgraded its infrastructure by deploying two System x3650 M4 servers with intelligent Intel Xeon processors. The System x servers—which are optimized for business-critical workloads—currently host nine virtual machines and can be easily expanded as needed to address future business needs.

The company is also using Microsoft Hyper-V software to virtualize the environment, to complement its primarily Microsoft-oriented physical environment. Completing the implementation is System Storage DS3500 Express, a powerful and easy-to-use storage management system. The complete IBM solution will enable the company to easily and cost-effectively scale as needed without creating more work for IT staff.

In addition, CAEM employed the services of IBM Global Financing to finance the solution, including five years of maintenance coverage—although Bartolomei says the company has yet to need any system maintenance. The IBM infrastructure has provided outstanding reliability and availability, enabling CAEM to focus on meeting customer needs and building its business.

Of the company’s IBM Business Partner, Bartolomei says, “Uno Informatica has shown its proficiency from the very beginning. They have been on our side from the design of the project up through the installation and startup—and will continue to be part of our team.”

Leveraging a modern, efficient solution

CAEM is reaping the rewards of a modern IT infrastructure. Bartolomei says the company expects to save EUR15,000 in energy costs over the next five years, since it has dramatically lowered its IT footprint by consolidating its previous environment of many small physical servers into the new virtualized infrastructure. The company also feels that using IBM Global Financing has already helped it reduce its total cost of ownership.

With an IBM infrastructure, CAEM has benefitted from outstanding uptime. The high-availability system enables staff to perform upgrades and maintenance without impacting productivity—and managing the virtualized system is significantly simpler than before.

Finally, Bartolomei says that DS3500 Express has greatly eased data backups and restores, as well as simplified overall storage management. That’s because the new storage area network has enabled IT to consolidate data that was previously retained on every single distributed server.

Needless to say, CAEM—and its IT staff—has been very pleased with the IBM solution. The company has realized time and cost savings that can be put to more strategic use.

“Having an IT infrastructure that is more efficient and easy to manage has led to a huge savings of time in our day-to-day work,” says Bartolomei. “We can now think about disaster-recovery scenarios. Nothing has been scheduled yet, but the new infrastructure is allowing us to consider this.”

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