INNOV8 - a BPM Simulator

Code a BPM Simulator Innov8 2.0.

INNOV8 2.0 ONLINE [5-10 minutes of gameplay]
Innovate your business’ process model, play against the market, compete against others on our scoreboards and WIN!

Building on the success of our 3D business simulator, IBM is announcing the new online version of INNOV8 2.0, freely available to the general public.

Offering three new Smarter Planet scenarios: TOP SCORES [top 10 scores pulled in HERE via RSS feed]
Smarter Supply Chain - Evaluate a traditional supply chain model, balance supply and demand and reduce environmental impact. 1


Smarter Traffic - Evaluate existing traffic patterns and re-route traffic based on incoming metrics 1


Smarter Customer service- Using a call center environment, players develop more efficient ways to respond to customers. 1



INNOV8 2.0 Academic Edition [45 minutes of gameplay]
Are you a professor at an MBA program looking for a fun, innovative (and free) way to teach Business Process Management? More than 100 universities worldwide have built curriculum using our serious game to help students learn about business process management and SOA. INNOV8 2.0 takes advantage of the great popularity of games while providing an optimal learning technique. One study found that a great lecture can improve learning by 17 % but serious games can improve learning by 108%!

Professors! Join IBM's Academic Initiative and download INNOV8 today and help prepare your students to be business leaders of tomorrow! Optional curriculum included!

Already a member & ready to download? (Only professors registered with IBM's Academic Initiative can download the game at this time.)

Are you an interested customer that wants to play the 45 minute Academic version of the training game? Contact your client rep today and tell them about the INNOV8 Customer Ambassador Program.