An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is an architectural pattern that supports virtualization and management of service interactions between a service provider and consumer. An ESB provides a layer of abstraction between the consumer and provider, with the mediation mapping the consumer request to the location of the real service implementation.

A mediation can also alter other characteristics, such as changing the communication protocol, translating between data formats, adding encryption and security, making routing decisions, and so on. These characteristics allow the provider’s function to be exposed consistently to the consumer with the SOA-wide policies for quality of service, security, monitoring, logging, auditing requirements, and other defined services.

The ESB Pattern provides:

IBM is an industry leader for an enterprise services bus, with over 20 years of experience in assisting customers to take advantage of this key technology. IBM’s implementation of an ESB, “IBM Integration Bus” is a powerful enterprise service bus suitable for any size project.

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