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Product migrations with IBM Rational Software Development Platform tools


Thank you for your interest in migrating or trading up to the next release or next generation of IBM Rational's Software Development Platform tools. Below are a number of topics that relate to IBM Rational migrations and trade-ups.

If you are an existing Rational customer, see our complete list of product migrations for our latest release of IBM Rational products based on Eclipse platform.

If you are using a competitive tool and would like to migrate to IBM Rational tools, you may be eligible for discounted pricing. There are competitive trade-ups for many of our competitor's products. If you would like to learn more about what products are eligible for discounted trade-up pricing, please see the table below. Contact your IBM customer representative or IBM Business Partner to move to IBM Rational products today.

The above PDF files will require Adobe® Reader®

Check out the latest competitive trade-up list for the following Borland products that are eligible for discounted pricing to select IBM Rational products:

  • Borland JBuilder (Developer, Professional or Enterprise)
  • Borland JBuilder WebLogic Editior
  • Borland Delphi Enterprise and Architect
  • Borland Delphi Studio
  • Borland C# Builder for .Net Pro, Enterprise Developer, Enterprise Architect
  • Borland Enterprise Studio for Java
  • Borland Enterprise Studio for C++
  • Borland Kylix Enterprise

Visit IBM® Rational® Application Developer for Borland® Jbuilder® users to learn more.

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