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In today's economy, effective governance of IT and systems delivery processes is critical to the success of your organization, and it greatly enhances the value and efficiency of business operations.

IT and systems governance focus on the value of your investments. It offers a strategic alignment between the goals and objectives of the business and the utilization of its resources to effectively achieve the desired results. IT and systems governance helps you transform how you do business.

Governance for IT

Business reliance on IT requires business leaders to embrace IT as part of all governance responsibilities for the enterprise. They must balance risk exposure with IT and business alignment, not only for investors, but also for regulators and auditors.

IT governance issues manifest themselves as the organization tackles efficiency, control, and value delivered to the business via IT assets, including processes, teams, and tools:

Efficiency - Some organizations view IT as a cost center; they focus on key outcomes, such as improving system throughput, enhancing system stability, increasing code productivity, and reducing time to delivery. Selecting the right metrics and measurement control systems can serve as a quantifiable entry point to improving IT governance maturity.

Control - Some organizations prioritize IT security and control; they focus on addressing the inherent risks of IT projects, including the risks of project failure, audit failure, and security and privacy breaches. Implementing internal IT control systems can improve governance maturity as IT proactively manages risk.

Value - Some organizations view IT as a value creation center; they regard IT as a strategic asset that can help the business penetrate new markets and expand existing markets. Clear governance policies can help translate IT activities into measurements of business value.

Governance for product and systems delivery

Solutions from IBM Rational help systems and software engineering teams manage growing complexity while staying competitive. As they produce smarter products and complex systems, product and systems delivery organizations must:

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