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Accelerate software and systems delivery

Software innovation is synonymous with business innovation. But while software is the value driver behind business success, it also presents challenging layers of complexity for software and systems delivery teams. In fact, most are struggling to manage the rapid changes in technology that might lead to true innovation.

Products and services from IBM Rational can help you innovate and increase your competitive advantage. We’re in the business of helping organizations transform the design, development, and delivery of IT software and software-embedded products, so you can create more innovative products and services -- faster than your competition, with lower costs and reduced risk.

Whether your business needs to improve the profitability of a software intensive product or service, or your IT organization needs to improve their productivity and reduce overhead costs, the tools and knowhow from IBM Rational can help you succeed.

Jazz, IBM Rational’s open, standards-based software delivery platform, integrates all disciplines within a highly collaborative development lifecycle, from requirements to coding, from testing to build and release. And it embraces the latest modes in software delivery, such as DevOps, agile, and cloud computing, so both systems and IT teams can work in continuous delivery cycles for improved business performance.

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