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Navigating the challenging landscape of healthcare and life sciences

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Health plans and healthcare providers: Are you ready for change?

In the healthcare industry, change is becoming a constant—driven by healthcare reform, aging populations, compliance mandates (ICD-10, HIPAA 5010, etc), and the business challenges of reducing costs, operating more effectively and improving customer service.

Optimizing your healthcare product portfolio strategy

Medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are faced with many of the same goals and challenges as traditional product-focused companies—reducing production costs, improving time to market, growing product revenue—but with more rigid concerns about the complexities of adhering to compliance and regulatory mandates.


Building a medical device tricorder!

This podcast discusses the regulatory compliance considerations and the key product development lifecycle practices that are needed to build Smartphone-based medical devices.

Saving you pain while you save lives

Learn how IBM Rational solutions can help you meet regulatory compliance with enhanced automation and reporting, integrated requirements and quality management and early defect detection and removal.

Proactively planning for change and transformation in the healthcare industry

The healthcare industry is undergoing huge transformations. Are you ready for change? Are you able to proactively plan for change versus simply responding to each demand as it comes your way? Valerie Hamilton, speaker.

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Healthcare: Strategic planning for change and transformation

Watch the videoChange is becoming a constant in the healthcare industry. How can you better understand the impact of change? Learn how having visibility into your enterprise can help you with capacity planning, and identifying potential costs, impacts, risk, liabilities, and other key concerns of transformations.

Navigating the challenging landscape of the healthcare and life sciences industries

Watch the videoThe healthcare industry is a challenging landscape to navigate - complicated by new security threats, regulatory compliance mandates, rising costs, increased competition, industry-wide reform, and more! Learn how IBM Rational is revolutionizing the healthcare and life sciences industries through software innovation.

Healthcare: Are you addressing today's complex security and compliance challenges?

Watch the videoDespite an increased focus on security and compliance, data breaches remain a frequent occurrence at healthcare organizations. Learn about the IBM Rational software solutions that can help you fortify security and address compliance with security, privacy, and accessibility requirements.

Smarter approaches to managing your ICD-10 transition

Watch the videoOctober 2013 is the deadline for the ICD-10 transition! Regardless of the ICD-10 adoption strategy you choose, IBM can support you through solution offerings, tools, and skilled resources - making your ICD-10 transition both smart and cost-efficient.


Securing healthcare applications using Rational solutions

Watch the videoDo you feel confident that your web applications are secure? How do you detect and remediate security and compliance vulnerabilities? In this demonstration, you will see how a cross-site scripting vulnerability can be exploited within a healthcare web application – you will then see how this vulnerability can be corrected.

Case studies  

Achieving agility and fast ROI

Watch the videoEmerging health IT provides an application to physicians and clinicians. The use of IBM Rational DOORS in their delivery process has enabled them to not only achieve fast ROI and increase speed time-to-market, but truly drive smarter solutions and better overall patient care.

A large health benefits company

The company reduced IT outages by 25 percent and improve detection automation by between 10 and 30 percent with an IBM Integrated Service Management solution.

Case study: Premier

Premier healthcare alliance is undertaking a groundbreaking initiative to help providers identify which treatments benefit patients the most so they can be assured the best care.

Capital District Physicians Health Plan

Effective Application Lifecycle Management from IBM helps Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan increase efficiency.

A healthcare company in the United States shortens time to market

A U.S. healthcare company implements IBM Rational Asset Manager, IBM Rational Software Architect and Rational Team Concert software to help create, store, manage and share its modeling assets.

A medical device manufacturer spreads information to save lives

A major medical device manufacturer gains a competitive advantage and provides revolutionary improvements to cardiac patient care through a remote Patient Care Network.


The transition to ICD-10: The journey to compliance

Have you determined the business and technical impacts of the ICD-10 transition on your organization? Do you know what business processes and IT systems in your organization will be affected?

Navigate complexities and innovate for success: IBM Rational solutions for healthcare payer organizations

Leaders of healthcare payer organizations are juggling many challenges – HIPAA compliance, ICD-10 transition, changing customer expectations, and modernizing to reduce costs and stay competitive. Learn about the IBM solutions that can help you manage complexity and differentiate operations to better control risks and costs.

White papers  

Shorten software development time without compromising quality. Automated test solutions for healthcare systems

IBM Rational test automation solutions can help healthcare organizations that need to manage their complex testing environments better and improve software quality.

Security and compliance in the healthcare industry: Anticipate and help prevent security and compliance breaches with IBM Rational software

The domain of healthcare has become a challenging arena for information security due to the complex nature of healthcare information & individual privacy. Learn about the industry challenges around protecting and securing sensitive information and how the Rational solutions can help customers with these challenges.

Four steps to creating product value

Successfully delivering smart products brings value to your business, investors, and, most importantly, the right product delivered at the right time creates value for your customers. Consistently delivering value improves customer loyal and increases market share which then leads to strong returns for your business

Rational solution for medical device development

Collaboration and integrations (removing development team silos) are two of the key strategies for delivering smarter products and for providing the ability to respond to changing needs and demands. Learn about the IBM Rational solutions for integrated systems life cycle management.

The prescription for innovation: Deliver innovation at maximum speed, optimal efficiency and reduced cost

Medical device companies manage complex systems to produce high-quality, safe products, and deliver products to market ahead of competition. Discover how IBM can help you manage project and product complexity, achieve error-proof quality, and attain compliance to government regulations seamlessly, while reducing costs.