Service virtualization

The results are in! See how IBM stacks upDownload The Forrester WaveTM: Service Virtualization and Testing Solutions

Service virtualization

The results are in! See how IBM stacks up

Service virtualization

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Service virtualization

Results are in! IBM in Leaders’ Quadrant

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IBM Rational solutions for TIBCO testing, validation and virtualization

IBM Rational testing solutions have been helping customers test TIBCO Software Inc. applications for many years. Rational Test Workbench and Rational Test Virtualization Server provides the best TIBCO testing of any product on the market, with rich support for all the major TIBCO applications, including TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks™, TIBCO iProcess®, TIBCO EMS®, TIBCO RV®, & TIBCO Hawk®.

IBM Rational test automation solutions allow you to:

Test TIBCO applications employing powerful integrations for TIBCO BusinessWorks and iProcess, with an importer to give you the fastest start to your testing initiative. Record your existing manual tests, and instantly playback for a no-code approach to test automation. Review coverage and performance reports for BusinessWorks showing you what you tested, what you missed and where the hot spots are. Test processes without them needing a process starter. Interact with iProcess without needing a GUI, checking for cases, starting them, acquiring work items and altering them. Simulate missing components such as services or adapters that are not yet available. Automatically rebase functionality to automatically build hundreds of tests from a working system in minutes.

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Rational testing solutions for TIBCO software

  • Download the brief (PDF, 832KB)

    Download the brief (PDF, 832KB)

    Automate lifecycle testing of TIBCO software integration projects

A Rational approach to integration testing

  • Read the paper

    Read the paper

    Early and continuous testing to contain defects and optimize test efficiency