Service virtualization

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Service virtualization

The results are in! See how IBM stacks up

Service virtualization

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Service virtualization

Results are in! IBM in Leaders’ Quadrant

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Continuous integration testing and service virtualization in a mainframe world

Businesses are challenged to deliver applications and services to the market faster and cheaper, all while dealing with an already daunting and ever increasing amount of system complexity. What might appear to the customer as a simple mobile or web application is physically implemented using a complex network of interdependent systems running in the background – with much of that critical data coming from the company’s mainframe. In addition, many software and system delivery teams are trying to adopt lean or Agile practices only to learn that integration testing can pose a significant bottleneck to the process as a whole.

How can you rapidly and continuously test multi-platform composite application environments when individual components are rapid changing or critical dependent services, such as CICS transactions, IMS data, or 3rd party services, are expensive to run or not available to be tested until late in the delivery cycle?

Virtualize mainframe software for greater testing efficiency at a significantly lower cost.

IBM’s service virtualization and integration testing solutions enable teams to:

IBM software solutions help teams rapidly and continuously test composite applications environments with critical dependent services putting control in the hands of the tester to test earlier and deliver higher quality software faster.

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Service Virtualization & Integration Testing for Mainframe Projects

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    Watch the video

    IBM's integration testing and service virtualization technologies can change the game when delivering mainframe projects.

Drive Continuous Integration in Software Development

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    Reduce bottlenecks in the testing process and prepare for risk-free continuous delivery

IBM Continuous Integration Solution for System z

  • Download the paper (PDF, 838KB)

    Download the paper (PDF, 838KB)

    Deliver mainframe applications with greater efficiency and at lower cost

IBM Enterprise Modernization Solutions for System Z

  • Watch the video (YouTube, 00:02:55)

    Watch the video (YouTube, 00:02:55)

    Continuous integration and test virtualization in a mainframe world