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IBM Rational Programming Patterns for System z – Services

Rational software

Learn how to maintain Pacbase applications in the Rational Software Delivery Platform

Accelerated Value Program

As Development and Software Configuration Practices with Rational Developer for System z and Rational Team Concert significantly differs from those with VisualAge Pacbase, transition to this new offering needs to be supported through a long term mentoring program, with dedicated specialists, in order to maintain the high level of productivity that was attained with Pacbase.

This program can meet a range of goals, which include:

Preliminary Evaluation Services:

Basic understanding

Gain a basic understanding of how this new Eclipse and Jazz based IDE can be used to develop and maintain Pacbase applications. This can be done through 3 short workshops where you will explore the new environment, manipulate artifacts and interact with an IBM Consultant. Topics include:

Advanced understanding

Learn how you will use the new environment in your particular organization. This can be done through a workshop, and with the preliminary migration of a subset of your own applications. Topics include:

Investigate a new organization of your development

Start thinking about the possibility of organizing your development team and processes differently, and determine the main scenarios possible to reach the final organization. Topics include:

Accelerated Value program focuses on maximizing your return on software investment through productivity savings, reduced risk, increased in-house skills, and expedited time-to-problem resolution. We deliver this value by: