IBM Rational ROI Calculators and Value Estimators

Measuring your return on IT investment is hard. Or is it? Try the IBM Rational ROI calculators and value estimators. Measuring your return on IT investment is hard. Or is it? Try the IBM Rational ROI calculators and value estimators.

Making sound investments is top priority for all organizations regardless of the current economic conditions. Smart leaders know that continuing to invest in their business can position them for competitive advantage both now AND in the future.

Find out how IBM Rational® can provide you with solutions to improve organizational efficiency, reduce your total cost of ownership, and position your organization for long-term growth.

Begin by choosing a solution that addresses one or more of your needs, and in just minutes the tool will help you determine your return on investment or estimate the value your organization could attain!

IBM Rational Team Concert

Return on investment calculator

See how much you can save with our IBM Rational Jazz™;-based, collaborative software delivery solution.

Try the IBM Rational® Team Concert. ROI calculator for yourself to learn how you can:

IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management

Value analyzer

The IBM® Rational® Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) value analyzer is based on the benefits you will see by implementing the IBM Rational solution for CLM. CLM is a set of seamlessly integrated products that work together as one. Developers and consultants know the value of an integrated product set to help achieve these five imperatives for effective application lifecycle management:

This value analyzer will provide you with an idea of the improvements you will see when you implement the solution for CLM.

IBM Rational AppScan

Return-on-investment calculator

Use the ROI calculator to determine how integrating security into your product lifecycle will save you time and expense. Try it and discover how IBM Rational AppScan can:

IBM Rational Application Portfolio Management

Return-on-investment calculator

This calculator helps illustrate how your organization can be positively impacted by the use of the IBM Rational integrated solution for Application Portfolio Management.

The primary focus of this calculator is to drive a meaningful discussion within the adopting organization, as well as between the adopting organization and Rational, regarding the potential benefits and costs of adopting this solution. The secondary focus is on providing a rough estimate of the potential ROI that a specific organization may achieve.

Several of the input parameters, such as the likely licensing cost, are expected to be discussed with the IBM Rational account team, so they can advise the adopting organization on what values may be reasonable.

IBM Rational Portfolio Management

Return-on-investment calculator

Portfolio-based management of projects has become a corporate necessity as organizations are increasingly subjected to a variety of pressures and constraints. IBM Portfolio Management solutions, powered by IBM® Rational® Focal Point™;, are designed to help organizations to analyze and optimize their portfolios to secure maximum business value.

IBM Product Portfolio Management

Return-on-investment calculator

This calculator helps illustrate how your organization can be positively impacted by the use of IBM Rational Focal point for Product Portfolio Management.

Use IBM Rational Focal point to:

IBM Rational Publishing Engine

Return on investment calculator

The IBM Rational® Publishing Engine™; tool is a document publishing solution that automates project documentation production. The solution generates accurate, professional, timely and consistent project documents-it works by extracting and formatting project information from multiple engineering tools across the product and software development lifecycle. The tool can publish documentation to multiple formats including PDF, HTML and Microsoft Word.
The Rational Publishing Engine tool set benefits your process by:

IBM Rational Rhapsody ROI Calculator

Explore the impact on productivity and overall savings possible for your systems and software engineering teams throughout the development phases. By using the Rhapsody ROI Calculator, discover what others already know and learn of the significant value and return-on-investment possible when you develop your products with IBM Rational Rhapsody.

Use IBM Rational Rhapsody to:

IBM Software Design & Development ROI Calculators

The Rational software design and development ROI calculators help estimate savings achieved through streamlined software planning, design, development, testing and deployment through IBM's market-leading software architecture and development tools: IBM Rational Software Architect and IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere.

The productivity and quality enhancements come as the result of many capabilities, including:

IBM Rational Developer for System z and Rational Development and Test Environment for System z ROI Calculator

The RDz and RD&T ROI Calculator provides a user friendly tool to perform a cost/benefit analysis and estimate the return on investment that you could derive if you implemented Rational Developer for System z (RDz), Rational Development and Test Environment for System z (RD&T) or both. RDz is a workstation based development environment for mainframe and cross platform application development. It can help lower the cost of application development and maintenance by improving productivity and providing faster time to market. RD&T is a z/OS environment running on an x86 Linux platform for development and testing purposes. It can help lower costs by improving productivity and reducing MIPS used for application development so that they can be used for production applications.

Rational Insight ROI Calculator

IBM Rational Insight, a performance measurement and management solution, provides visibility into your data across projects, products, and geographical boundaries to monitor status and progress in a single view. This extensible solution aligns resources, and helps drive greater performance at all levels of the organization. IBM Rational Insight:

IBM requirements-driven quality solutions

IBM Rational requirements-driven quality ROI calculators provide an estimated return on investment from implementing one or more of our quality and requirements definition and management solutions, including:

See how these solutions help you achieve predictability in desired business outcomes, allowing you to:

IBM collaborative software delivery return on investment

The IBM Rational Team Concert™; ROI calculator provides an estimated return on investment associated with implementing our collaborative software delivery environment.

Based on the open and extensible IBM Rational Jazz® foundation, Rational Team Concert provides the following within an integrated collaborative environment, supporting teams ranging from a few to thousands of developers and stakeholders:

IBM Software Delivery Automation value estimators

The IBM Rational software delivery automation value estimators illustrate how your organization can be positively impacted by the use of Rational automation software solutions.

For IBM WebSphere customers, the Rational Automation Framework for WebSphere can help your company gain productivity improvements that drive real ROI by managing WebSphere configurations and automating application deployments.

For traditional software delivery users, Rational Build Forge helps to improve productivity, cut costs, and enforce governance without extra work by automating and standardizing manual and repetitive tasks. Rational Build Forge is an automation framework that orchestrates and automates manual processes in the "assembly line" of the software delivery lifecycle.

IBM code quality analysis return on investment

The IBM Rational Software Analyzer ROI calculator provides an estimated return on investment from implementing our code quality analysis solution. This extensible solution has a rich set of ready to use programming rules that enables software code reviews, bug identification, and policy enforcement early in the development cycle.

Help ensure application health through automated code quality reviews throughout the development lifecycle and realize significant ROI in the following areas:

IBM Rational Developer for i

Return-on-investment calculator

This ROI tool will help you estimate the costs and savings of implementing IBM Rational Developer for i. RDi provides integrated development and debug tools to help development teams create and maintain IBM i applications on IBM Power Systems.

Experience increased productivity and improved developer skills with feature such as:

Simplify and accelerate code development and maintenance and attract and retain new talent with the modern user interface of RDi.

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