Are you getting all you deserve from your software investment?

With your IBM software you get more than capabilities, you get IBM Software Subscription and Support.

IBM Software Subscription and Support
online and media access to code and capability enhancements
24x7 online support– from fixes to forums
expert Technical Support electronically and via phone

Use and renew your subscription and support benefits to ensure that your investment continues to pay dividends over the long haul. Maximize return on your software investment.

Ten reasons to love your IBM Software Subscription and Support

  1. Product and capability enhancements over the entire product lifecycle: IBM product developers and more than 60 worldwide labs are working for you every day to ensure that the software you deploy never grows old.
  2. Access to in-depth knowledge and technical expertise: Dedicated IBM technical support specialists are available 24x7 to help ensure that your software deploys smoothly and runs efficiently. And, if for any reason it doesn't, IBM support professionals will work round the clock until it does.
  3. Download access to new versions and releases of your licensed IBM software: Product enhancements, new features and capabilities are available from Passport Advantage Online. Request eNotifications and we’ll even let you know when something new is available— making it easier for you to take advantage of innovative new functionality over the entire product lifecycle.
  4. Electronic SupportOnline tools and resources anytime you need them: The IBM Support Portal offers S&S customers a fully integrated and customized support experience— from self-help and forums, downloads and troubleshooting to usage of the IBM Support Assistant [ISA], a complimentary software offering which provides you with a workbench to help you with problem determination. And, it’s all in one place [].
  5. Service Request [SR] tool: Designed to expedite support requests, the SR tool lets your designated Technical Support personnel open, update and report on service requests (formerly called Problem Management Records or PMRs). Registration is required and you control who within your organization has access to the tool and, if you choose, use of IBM Assist On-site.
  6. A Support escalation process that works for you: If you need support, you, not IBM, define the severity of your problem— because we believe you know better than anyone how critical a problem is to your business.
  7. Predictable costs: Tied to an anniversary date, your annual S&S renewal is an expense you can build into your budget. And, if you are a Passport Advantage customer, remember renewals automatically accrue points to help you achieve higher volume discount levels.
  8. Enhanced lifecycle support for IBM software: IBM’s Software Support Lifecycle Policy has been improved to cover more products under standard support until you have a chance to “catch up” to a more current version or release. Learn more .
  9. Choice: With the newly revised Passport Advantage [PA] and Passport Advantage Express [PAE] Agreements, you can choose to migrate your PAE entitlements to an existing PA Agreement or enroll in Passport Advantage to consolidate license views at a Site level for tracking and compliance and to aggregate points and earn higher volume discounts faster.
  10. IBM Software Accelerated Value Program (AVP): You can extend your Subscription and Support benefits with the Accelerated Value Program. AVP delivers a proactive, cost-reducing, and productivity enhancing advisory service by pairing you with an assigned team. Your team begins by acquiring a foundational understanding of your overall environment. Based on that understanding, they work with you to identify ways to improve your environment, staff skill set, and processes to facilitate faster deployment, lifecycle leadership, risk mitigation, and more.