What is 'End of Support'?

A natural stage in the IBM Software Support Lifecycle, End of support marks the 'official' withdrawal of technical support for specific versions and releases of software products.

End of support announcements are generally made twice a year in April and September* which means you have time to plan.

*End of support dates are subject to change. Always confirm dates by visiting the IBM Software Support Lifecycle site.

Use End-of-Support announcements to help you plan your software upgrade and migration strategy.

What are my options if a version or release of my deployed software reaches 'End of support'?

In most instances, you have two options to consider. You may opt to:

Only you can decide which option makes the most sense for you.

Visit IBM Support Software Lifecycle to learn how you can

For more information, be sure to view the Software Support Lifecycle policy.

End of Support announcements

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