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Automated Operations Technical Council (AOTC) track

For the first time, the Automated Operations Technical Council (AOTC) will be held in conjunction with the Pulse Conference. The AOTC curriculum provides practical education that will enable you to improve the automation and availability of your environment, featuring hands-on labs, expert panels, client case studies, workshops and live demos.

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AOTC sessions

  • -AOT-1136 AF/Operator Users BOF
    Get together with your fellow AF/Operator practitioners, ask our experts for their advice or see if you can stump them with your questions. Learn what others are doing in their environments.
    Speakers: Kiron Rakkar, IBM; Hugh R. Dawson, IBM
  • -AOT-1138 The Power of Automation: Automated Operations Technical Council Opening
    Introducing the Automated Operations Technical Council at Pulse.
    Speakers: Marcus Boone, IBM; Heinz-Hubert Weusthof, IBM
  • -AOT-1204 Secrets revealed; how OMEGAMON for Mainframe Networks uncovers TCPIP subtleties and provides explanations
    Connection failures were intermittent, but no one knew why, or that they were happening at all!Follow the trail of how TCPIP on the mainframe was finally exposed with the help of some hidden capabilities in OMEGAMON.Once found, the challenge was convincing every one of the shocking results, which continues to surprise everyone.If you like mysteries, this is a must see session. Follow this and other true stories as you follow Jim Sherpey, as he explains how he molded OMEGAMON for MFN into a network management forensic tool.
    Speaker: Jim Sherpey II, Bank of America
  • -AOT-1364 (Re)starting DB2 and MQSeries Subsystems
    (Re)starting DB2 or MQSeries subsystems must adhere to some special rules, as not only several address spaces are involved but there is some processing to be done in the 'early' code running in the subsystem interface ring. This presentation shows an automation setup that adheres to these special rules and can be realized with standard system automation means.
    Speaker: Dietmar Knodel, Landesbank Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • -AOT-1484 Overview of NetView Canzlog
    Overview of NetView Canzlog developed with Bank of America Automation Team
    Speaker: Dan Wolters, Bank of America
  • -AOT-1538 Experiences automating some challenging applications with SA 3.3
    This presentation will highlight experiences with automating various applications, including some unusual ones.
    Speaker: Paul Koniar, FIS
  • -AOT-1657 How Banco do Brasil is leveraging the high availability and automation of the mainframe environment
    In order to leverage the transaction environment continuity and to reduce the frequency, duration and human failures in disruptions, Banco do Brasil is implementing GDPS/PPRC with advanced policy-based automations of Tivoli System Automation. It eases operational management of complex IT infrastructures by eliminating the need for extensive programming skills to create and maintain scripts and procedures to maintain the business running.
    Speakers: Nilson Nicolau, Banco do Brasil; Max Santos, Banco do Brasil
  • -AOT-1822 Best Practices - Sharing your successes
    Reducing administrative and operational tasks, customization and programming effort, automation implementation time and costs with Parallel Sysplex management and automation: These are some of the key strengths of Tivoli System Automation for z/OS. In this presentation we will give customers the opportunity to share their experience with Tivoli Automation products. Valuable hints and tipps in combination with automation examples will show the power of Tivoli in automating service management on the mainframe.
    Speaker: Uwe Gramm, IBM
  • -AOT-1826 What's New in IBM Tivoli System Automation for z/OS
    Automation is one of the cornerstones that helps you to run your data center efficiently. IBM Tivoli System Automation for z/OS (SA z/OS) is the flagship of the IBM automation suite. Come and learn how SA z/OS 3.3 (which is the latest release) helps you to manage your data center, and the role SA z/OS plays in the service management discipline. This session will give you an overview of the new/enhanced functions provided in SA z/OS 3.3. It will also outline the enhancements made to the operational interfaces, in particular the Tivoli Enterprise Portal (TEP) based UI.
    Speaker: Walter Schueppen, IBM
  • -AOT-1828 Getting Started with IBM Tivoli System Automation for z/OS
    IBM Tivoli System Automation for z/OS (SA z/OS) plays an important role in improving system and application availability for planned and unplanned outages, and in enabling fast and robust operations in a continuously changing IT environment. SA z/OS is designed to automate z/OS system operations and System z hardware operations, and to coordinate I/O switch configuration activities. This session will explain the basic concepts of the SA z/OS system operations component that automates many system console operations. It also discusses selected operator tasks such as startup, monitoring, recovery and shutdown of z/OS subsystems, components, and applications; as well as operator assistance functions that facilitate some of the daily operating tasks.
    Speaker: Juergen Hottz, IBM
  • -AOT-1830 Getting Started Using System Automation Application Manager for Cross-Cluster, Cross-Platform Automation
    How many different skilled operators do you need to keep all your business-critical systems and applications up and running? How long does it take to stop and restart your data center? On a failover site? Wouldn't it be great to combine availability state information from different automation, clustering or monitoring products into one automation solution requiring no scripting? IBM TIvoli System Automation Application Manager provides unique capabilities to reduce skill requirements for daily operator work; and offers automation features that work across platforms, operating systems, different vendors' clusters (HACMP, MSCS, VCS), and monitoring products. System Automation Application Manager can manage your applications on multiple sites. With integration capabilities with GDPS it becomes a true disaster recovery solution for all open platforms. This session will give you an overview of the product and how to use it to simplify overall datacenter automation.
    Speaker: Bernd Jostmeyer, IBM
  • -AOT-1831 Getting Started with IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms
    High availability, monitoring and automation for the complete application landscape are required for business survival in a world that demands 24x7 availability. Even with the enhanced availability promised by virtual server instances running on virtualized infrastructure, it is still essential to actively manage the availability of applications hosted on servers -- to protect yourself against software failures and operator mistakes. Whether you are looking for a solution for traditional data centers, or plan to use resources available from the cloud, IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms provides an automation solution and high availability cluster running on most server operating systems in the open world. This session will explain the unique, policy-driven automation features that enable you to automate your applications and create high availability clustering solutions for Linux, AIX, Windows and Solaris.
    Speaker: Bernd Jostmeyer, IBM
  • -AOT-1832 Getting Started with System Automation on Open Systems: Demo Scenarios for SA for Multiplatforms and SA Application Manager
    This session explains and demonstrates automation and high availability concepts for business-critical application on open systems (AIX, Linux, Solaris, Windows) with the help of IBM Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms. Using the strength of policy-based automation similar to the well-known concepts of System Automation for z/OS, this product lets you manage applications more easily. IBM Tivoli System Automation Application Manager is an end-to-end automation product that integrates applications running on different open system platforms with applications running on z/OS. Attendees will learn how this integration can be done -- without having to change automation policies on the indiviual platforms.
    Speaker: Bernd Jostmeyer, IBM
  • -AOT-1837 Integrating Monitors and Automation for Improved Application Availability
    Application availability can be measured not only in terms of uptime, but also in terms of how well the applications perform. Smarter operations can help to avoid degraded availability or limit the consequences of temporary unavailability. Integrating performance monitors and automation enables such smarter operations. IBM Tivoli System Automation for z/OS (SA z/OS) can reach out to IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON monitors for CICS, DB2, IMS, and z/OS for exceptional metrics, and feed them into the automation for corrective action. Come to this session to learn what capabilities are offered by SA z/OS and how to accomplish an integration that matters to your business.
    Speaker: Juergen Holtz, IBM
  • -AOT-1838 Integrating Automation and Scheduling
    Since many years SA for z/OS and TWS are working in concert letting each component doing what it does best. There are several interfaces between SA z/OS and TWS. This session gives an overview of these interfaces, its pros/cons and the benefits you gain in using them. It shows how the various interfaces can be used efficiently and what needs to be kept in mind when using the function.
    Speakers: Richard Rothermel, IBM; Uwe Gramm, IBM
  • -AOT-1904 How CCB is Using the System Automation Tools
    CCB is one of the biggest Commercial Bank in China. The core banking system of CCB is running on a big and complex IBM mainframe Sysplex environment. CCB has deployed the system automation product from the time CCB using the mainframe. CCB is using the SA in two ways. One way is using it to integrate with OMEGAMON, and send the OMEGAMON event to the event console. Other way is using it as an automation tool, define the automation policy in it and achieve the automated operation object. This presentation is used to introduce how CCB using the system automation tools and whats the benefit which CCB got from the SA solution.
    Speakers: Ming Zhang, China Construction Bank, Teng Teng, China Construction Bank
  • -AOT-1905 End-to-end Automation and Operations with SA Application Manager
    The management of enterprise business critical applications is getting more and more difficult. There are several reasons for this: The growing number of business critical applications alone causes pain to the IT staff. Furthermore, the expectations about the application availability are also constantly growing. Even more, business critical applications are built on top of a multi-tiered software stack with different application components running in a heterogeneous platform environment. In this presentation we show how the management of heterogeneous, multi-tiered business applications can be significantly reduced by using Tivoli System Automation Application Manager (SA AM). We will provide a high level product overview and explain sample scenarios of business applications, for example a JEE-based business application and SAP landscapes, and how the management of these can be simplified with SA AM.
    Speakers: Thomas Lumpp, IBM; Thomas Quadflieg, Generali Deutschland Informatik Services GmbH
  • -AOT-1906 Tivoli System Automation Resiliency for SAP Landscapes
    Many enterprises have modelled their core business processes on SAP platforms. Resiliency is of course a key requirement for these SAP landscapes to guarantee that the companies business processes are not interrupted. Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms is well suited to provide these availability needs. In this presentation we will give an overview about the SAP NetWeaver architecture and explain how resiliency can be achieved. We will explain reference architectures for SAP landscapes on distributed platforms. The presentation will touch on design aspects, operating aspects, high availability, and disaster recovery. It will explain the benefits of using the Tivoli System Automation for Multiplatforms to keep SAP applications up and running.
    Speaker: Thomas Lumpp, IBM
  • -AOT-1908 zEnterprise Improving Application Availability through Virtualization Support
    With the latest zEnterprise hardware, not only the classical mainframe virtualization layers but also new virtualization layers for the blade infrastructure (PowerVM, KVM) were introduced to the mainframe platform. Business applications can be spread across the different hardware components and virtualization layers. The capabilities of the virtualization layer can help to increase overall application availability. Therefore, the management of virtual servers will have more and more relevance for business applications. In this presentation, we will explain the new automation capabilities of the System Automation product family for the zEnterprise virtualization layers, and describe how these capabilities can provide an integrated solution that manages the application stack and the virtualization layer as a single entity.
    Speakers: Juergen Schneider, IBM; Thomas Lumpp, IBM
  • -AOT-1913 Modern Mainframe management with Tivoli System Automation
    This presentation will highlight experiences with Tivoli System Automation for z/OS based mainframe automation. There is a strong focus on increased challenges (growing IT, customer demands, high availability) and how they can be solved with SA z/OS to reach significant benefits like cost savings and reduced downtime.
    Speakers: Nicolas Vassas, kubus IT; Walter Schueppen, IBM
  • -AOT-1964 What's New in IBM Tivoli NetView 6.1
    This session will give attendees a look into the new features of IBM Tivoli NetView 6.1. Topics will include advanced TCPIP network management, including smart IP trace analysis and consolidated Syslog, Netlog, and Joblog viewing for better problem analysis and and more robust automation capability.
    Speaker: Kirk M. Bean, IBM
  • -AOT-1999 Better Business Practices through Automation Integration
    Looking to drive efficiencies within your IT organization? Look at integrating your automation with your other tools: trouble ticketing, alert management, scheduling, monitoring, etc.
    Speaker: Kirk M. Bean, IBM
  • -AOT-2055 System z BOF - Ask Development open forum
    Bring your questions on all things related to Tivoli on System z to this Birds of a Feather session. We will have a group of our development leaders on hand to answer, see if you can stump them and give them feedback on you experiences with Tivoli on System z.
    Speakers: Marcus Boone, IBM; Mike Goodman, IBM; Kirk M. Bean, IBM; Michael E. Baskey, IBM; Juergen Holtz, IBM; Uwe Gramm, IBM; Heinz-Hubert Weusthof, IBM; Kevin Hosozawa, IBM; Kiron Rakkar, IBM

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