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The changing role of analytics

There is no question that all organizations — no matter what size or in what industry — are focused on generating more revenue, minimizing waste, reducing risk, and identifying new business opportunities with more confidence.

Analytics has moved front and center in this effort, and is now considered a top competitive differentiator that can help drive better business performance. Research continues to demonstrate that organizations that are delivering on a successful analytics strategy are gaining greater competitive advantage and are 2.2 times more likely to outperform their industry peers1.

As organizations strive to outperform their competition, demand for analytics continues to rise and is driving new requirements across every aspect of the business from the data center to users. More workers across the enterprise now need access to analytics. This demand extends to front-line workers, and also reaches beyond the organization to customers and suppliers.

The data that feeds these analytic applications now needs to support real-time decision making as well as decisions at the strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Users need more consistency of data across organizations and departments.

Information needs to reach business users at the point of impact, when and where decisions are being made.

In this guide, you’ll explore the new generation of business analytics, discover how IBM zEnterprise can deliver high-performance, cost effective analytics, and learn about additional resources available to you online.

Creating business insight where the data originates

Many businesses running today’s transactional systems rely on the IBM® zEnterprise platform because of its superior performance and scalability. In fact, a significant amount of corporate data—from financial information to customer lists, personnel records to manufacturing reports—originates on IBM zEnterprise mainframes.

There exists in the DNA of the modern corporate structure a paradox: Each department operates under its own unique mission statement while all departments, together, are meant to further the mission of the global enterprise. This structure has allowed department units to meet their own, unique mission requirements, but it has also resulted in walled gardens and data silos.

In the case of those departments willing to share information, the result has often been duplicate and inconsistent data, along with the security risks inherent in sending data between those departments. The primary source of data that feeds departmental data warehousing and business analytics solutions is often an IBM® zEnterprise platform. When transactional data is moved from zEnterprise to the departmental level, information often becomes difficult to share outside a given department and is often contained and controlled to the point that other departments might not even know it exists.

Unfortunately, this approach makes it difficult to provide global access to data at the speed of business. There is, however, an opportunity to bring together business analytics and transactional data.

To overcome the problem of compartmentalized data, many organizations are successfully delivering timely, accurate, secure access to business information by bringing their business analytics, data warehousing, and infrastructure strategy together on the zEnterprise platform.

By bringing the analytics closer to the transactional data rather than forcing each department to perform analytics within its own isolated environment, organizations can become far more agile through global planning and business analytics. These smart organizations receive a higher ROI because they’re more responsive and can make better decisions.

Rapid query acceleration aids faster decision-making

With the speed of business today, and the need to make fast, fact-based decisions, organizations can no longer afford to wait on information from slow database queries.

The key to working smarter is having the right information and insight at the right time to drive smarter business outcomes. Working smarter means your front-line business leaders know where to find new revenue opportunities and which product or service offerings are most likely to address the market requirements. It means business analysts can quickly access the right data points to evaluate key performance and revenue indicators to build successful corporate growth strategies. And it means corporate risk and compliance units can recognize regulatory, reputation and operational risks before they become realities.

The IBM DB2® Analytics Accelerator gives your organization the speed it needs to work smarter with the ability to increase query response times for DB2 data up to 2000x. It puts the right answers in the hands of your decision makers today — and helps put your business in the best position to answer the questions of tomorrow.

The blending of DB2 for z/OS and Netezza technologies is simplifying data warehousing environments, facilitating transparent deployment, reducing costs, removing the need to export data off the platform, and enabling phenomenal speed.

DB2 Analytics Accelerator is a true game-changer for modern analytics. It combines the reliability, scalability, and security of DB2 with an extremely fast, extremely robust appliance that can handle mission-critical analytics workloads.

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Real-time scoring provides insight at the moment of interaction

Business growth is fueled by customers and sales. Sadly, not all customers are created equal; some are loyal with a high propensity to buy more, some aren’t. Non-paying, or fraudulent customers can actually cost your company money, eating away at profit due the lost cost of goods sold along with the time and effort it takes to rectify the situation. On the other hand, loyal or high value customers could represent upwards of 80% of your revenue.

Therefore, the trick to maximizing growth potential is to identify and reward high value customers while limiting exposure to scammers and troubled accounts. Determining the best course of action in the moment requires insight into all customer interactions as they are happening, and the ability to contrast these new requests to historical behavioral patterns and other supporting data. Predictive scoring allows you to get ahead of any potential recovery challenge rather than waiting for the trail to get cold, by identifying patterns found in historical data, and applying those patterns or conditions to help you identify risks, opportunities and guide your decision making moving forward.

With new technology innovations from IBM, you can now incorporate the scoring algorithms directly within the transactional database so new information can be scored in real time, while eliminating the cost and potential performance issues previously experienced. By performing real-time scoring of new transactional data as it is created, you can make decisions with greater accuracy and efficiency based on the most complete set of information.

IBM technology can now embed IBM SPSS® Modeler scoring algorithms directly into IBM DB2® for z/OS® transactional data, making real-time scoring a high-performance, secure, and costeffective option.

IBM helps you gain insight and foresight

The zEnterprise platform helps simplify the deployment, maintenance and management of business analytics and data warehousing while meeting the dynamic analytics needs of today’s organizations. Real-time monitoring, reporting, analysis, dashboards and a robust set of predictive analytics are designed to support smart, proactive business decisions.

With a zEnterprise data warehouse infrastructure as the foundation for your business analytics investment, your users can be confident that they can access the information they need when they need it — without worrying about delays, rigid infrastructure, system disruption during an upgrade or improvement, or failure during disasters.

With zEnterprise for Business Analytics and Data Warehousing, you have an infrastructure that can grow as your business evolves. You can start at the application or department level, while at the same time laying the groundwork for a true enterprise solution, without having to re-architect for every new project.

zEnterprise offers the flexibility to pick the deployment options that work best for your organization’s individual needs, from turnkey optimized solutions and private cloud options, to complementing your projects with any services and education you may need.

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