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Batch modernization

Balancing batch and online processing for better business efficiency

Organizations are faced with the dual challenge of globalization – maintaining 24x7 uptime for on-line processing systems coupled with processing ever increasing data volumes in an ever diminishing “batch window”. They are further challenged to bring economies of scale and efficiency of batch processing to today’s globally integrated business dominated by “always-on” on-line transaction processing (OLTP) requirement.

These seemingly divergent goals can only be achieved with a meaningful integration between batch and OLTP infrastructure. Batch modernization solutions from IBM Software help you maximize the balance between operational efficiency and market responsiveness on a 24x7 global basis.

Batch modernization features and benefits

IBM Software delivers batch modernization offerings that provide:

IBM's batch modernization products provide consistent capabilities for end-to-end batch management and deliver agile, efficient and high performance middleware infrastructure that reincorporates savings of batch processing into today's OLTP environment.