Network and Service Assurance

In today’s smart world, applications and services rule. Need to reset your password? Don’t call tech support. Log on and do it yourself. Is a building across town running hot? Check the air conditioning remotely—before you send a service crew.

But who rules the applications? Who is the power behind the throne?

Somewhere, somebody’s network is running those applications. And behind the network lies network management software.

The questions for the modern network administrator, then, become not only how to use the network to advance business but also whether the network can deliver the applications users expect. And whether the network management team has the insight and control they need to make network applications dependable and valuable.

The challenge now lies in how well organisations can integrate these network systems, how well they can manage the entire network life cycle, and how well they can use network management software to support services that create marketplace innovation and advantages.

You’ve heard the buzzwords — Cloud (US), Triple Play (VoIP, IPTV) (US), MPLS, MetroEthernet, 4G (LTE & WIMAX). They’re as pervasive as networking itself. Each brings a different element to the networking experience, and each plays a role in making the world a smarter planet.

Highly scalable and rapidly deployable, Tivoli Netcool network management software delivers end-to-end integrated network management, problem isolation, automation and analytics to help Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Enterprise Customers, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and SMBs improve flexibility and adaptability of business models, respond to new technologies, reduce operating expenditures and increase customer satisfaction.

Featured products

Real-time network discovery, network monitoring and event management for IT domains and next-generation network environments.

Performance management for wireless, wireline and convergent networks

Automate configuration changes with the highest levels of standardisation, accuracy and control.


Discovery and Visualisation for Root Cause Analysis and Change and Configuration, Backup and Restore and Policy Management.

Monitor, Alert, Performance (streaming analytics) for Incident Avoidance

Industry Leadership

IBM is an active member of the TeleManagement Forum (TMF) and other leading industry organisations to deliver solutions that are consistent with industry standards and best practices.

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For organisations that rely on network-based applications, network management is critical to success. Network management today is about the entire life cycle of the network, not just a point-in-time snapshot of current performance.

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