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Digital Marketing
Session Title Session Abstract
When Digital Gets Tough, the Tough Get Digital – Building a Digital Strategy That Delivers This session explores how top brands are building successful digital strategies centered around customer experience and behavior. Learn the secret sauce and some surprising elements needed to drive a world class digital presence and eye popping conversion rates. Speakers will examine how to create a solid digital foundation, drive more value from ad placements and deliver a personalized experience optimized for today's digital landscape. Walk away knowing not only how best to start the digital conversation but how to continue a lucrative customer dialogue that drives return for your business.
Beyond Dashboards: Driving Marketing Returns with Digital Analytics There’s no question that digital analytics deliver powerful, actionable customer data. But truly leveraging the information and increasing the ROI of this tool requires more than a cursory glance at where you have been. Learn you can use analytics to optimize your web and mobile sites, email marketing and other digital channels by integrating analytics with real customer insights and digital marketing execution.
External Speaker: Ewald Hoppen,
Monetizing Your Content: Leveraging Digital Assets to Drive ROI White papers, demonstration videos and thought leadership articles deliver the greatest impact when they are tailored to your customer segments. But, given the high cost of development, you must demonstrate a clear ROI for these assets. This session examines the various hurdles marketers face when trying to monetize their content. We'll also look at how technology can help guide customers to the ideal information and provide a personalized, relevant experience.
Hyper-Personalization: How Today's Digital Marketers Are Engaging the Individual Customer Customers and prospects are making choices with every click and conversation, so effective marketers must engage them across all channels and in every interaction. Hyper-personalization joins wisdom of the crowds with emerging one-to-one interaction. In this session, we examine the hierarchy of personalization and discuss how marketing offers, user experience, site personalization, and product and content recommendations can have real impact on customer conversion and retention.
External Speaker: Gareth Beer, Speedo
Tag Management Excellence: Using Tags to Drive Innovation IBM introduced its Digital Data Exchange (DDX) platform to help marketers tame the tag management beast and deliver the means to standardize and manage tags from multiple vendors on a single platform. This session takes an in-depth look at DDX, its key capabilities, the benefits it delivers, and how it can help marketers drive innovation in the digital domain, now and in the future.
External Speaker: Jonny Steel, ClickTale
Give Credit Where Credit is Due: Best Practices in Digital Marketing Attribution Backwards. Forwards. Clicks. Impressions. With so many different ways attribution can be applied to your digital marketing efforts, it's important to know the best ways to leverage each of them to ensure you’re spending your marketing dollars most effectively. Join this session to learn how, when and why to use the different types of attribution, all to maximize your investment.
Multiple Devices, One Customer: Unifying the Digital Experience Mobile devices have expanded the reach of your digital brands and introduced new ways for customers to interact with it. Apps, app stores, mobile optimized sites, SMS, kiosks; each has created new, unique challenges for marketers. But the biggest challenge is knowing when it's a single customer interacting with you through all of these "screens" and providing him or her with a consistent, relevant experience. Join us and learn best practices to connect your digital marketing efforts across multiple screens.
External Speaker: Erik van Houwelingen,
It's Go Time: Creating an Action-Oriented Digital Marketing Culture Do you ever wonder why some organizations find tremendous value from web analytics while others never get past basic reporting? Industry-leading companies not only make an investment in web analytics, they have the right strategies and teams in place to quickly act on the data that will optimize their business. In this session, discover the key characteristics of an action-oriented culture and see how one leading company used their analytics investment to drive success.
The Facts, Fiction and Future of Privacy in Digital Marketing The abundance of information potentially shared across multiple vendors has clients concerned about their privacy. Governments and corporations are responding with new legislation or corporate policies. With this more stringent oversight, marketing, as well as many other divisions, must adjust their efforts accordingly. This session will look at the potential impact of these new rules, explore how companies are adapting and examine the real issues that you are likely to encounter.
Perfecting the Science of the Customer Journey with Lifecycle Analytics In the online world, effectively understanding all that influences your customers’ digital journey is the name of the game. This session features the Coremetrics Lifecycle product but uses concepts that can be applied generally to better understand how to track the time required to transition customers to new milestones, identify the marketing, content and products that influence the journey, and communicate proactively with them at every stage to speed up progression.

Cross-Channel Marketing
Session Title Session Abstract
Using Digital Behavioral Data to Improve Cross-Channel Marketing One of the richest sources of information about customers' wants and needs can be found by examining their behavior on your web site and other digital properties. Still, many marketers neglect this information altogether when executing targeted, one-to-one marketing, which results in missed opportunities to truly connect with a customer. Many marketers don't know how to get this type of data, or don't understand the importance of making practical use of it. In this session, you’ll learn how digital behavior data can improve targeted marketing and, by extension, profitability, across all marketing channels.
External Speakers: Paul Ravenscroft, Boots UK; Martin de Lusenet, ING Netherlands; Ewald Hoppen,
Maturity Model for Inbound, Real-time Marketing As the effectiveness of outbound campaigns decline, many marketing organizations want to take full advantage of "inbound" marketing opportunities. That is, those moments when the customer chooses to interact with the company on its Web site, on the phone, in the store or in their branch. But inbound marketing is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Marketers can start with the basics and move through a complete maturity model to an advanced practice level. This session will take you through each of these steps along the way.
How Cross-channel Customer Profiles Enable Smarter Marketing Great marketing has content that is relevant, timing based on behavior cues, and communication respects your recipients’ implicit and explicit preferences. At the heart of all of this is a virtual cross-channel profile that comprised of three sources - existing customer data, data captured from digital interactions, and data generated from marketing contacts and responses. As customers interact with our website, open or ignore our email, and author or consume opinions via social media, they produce a goldmine of data. Seasoned marketers already report on this data to understand performance. But a more granular look at these interactions also reveals your customers’ individual interests, needs, and motivations. Learn how these attributes can be captured and derived to open up limitless possibilities for more personalized and effective marketing.
Best Practices in Email Design & Deliverability As the cornerstone of digital marketing, email is an invaluable tool to marketers all over the world. But, email is no longer tied to a desktop or laptop—it’s on the move! Consumers are reading, clicking and consuming email content on smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and every other manner of digital display. That means, in order to fully leverage its reach, marketers need to optimize their messages for cross channel rendering. Learn how email can carry your message across channels, devices and platforms and what you need to do in order to ensure your brand integrity by optimizing digital missives for cross-channel success.
Social Media & Mobile Marketing: Moving from Siloed to Intertwined New marketing channels like mobile and social media offer marketers dynamic new ways to understand and target customers. If you approach these channels in a silo, you risk making sub-optimal decisions, decisions that reduce the profitability of campaigns, or decisions that lead customers to becoming frustrated by conflicting messages.. In this session learn about the benefits of tying these emerging channels to your existing marketing effort. Learn how to: collect customer profile information from social and mobile channels
• Analyze social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, as well as mobile web sites and mobile applications (like iPhone), centralize decisioning across channels and deliver offers in various social media and mobile tactics. This includes serving personalized offers though SMS, in social media channels like Facebook, mobile applications/websites like the iPhone, and many other exciting new capabilities
The IBM Journey: Transforming the Way We Conduct Marketing IBM has transformed its approach to the automation and execution of marketing campaigns to meet the goal of providing higher quality leads to our sales teams more quickly. Under its new plan, IBM leverages marketing automation software to drive pipeline globally. Come learn how and why IBM transformed its approach to marketing campaign execution and how these changes have allowed us to adopt a more client-centric approach. B2B marketers will learn: What changes IBM made to its processes, systems and culture; How our marketing transformation has gone; What the challenges were; and Where we are headed next.
Bank of Montreal's Journey to Deliver Great Customer Experience Bank of Montreal (BMO) has been on a journey to deliver great customer experience. But legacy systems and inefficient processes were preventing BMO from taking the customer (and employee) experience to the next level. By investing in IBM EMM products, especially Unica Interact, BMO has been able to develop a new and innovative capability to generate near real-time leads across multiple inbound customer touch-point and channels, such as the bank's call center and branches. With this new capability powered by IBM EMM, BMO is now delivering truly great customer experience.
External Speakers: Gayle Ramsay, Bank of Montreal
Breaking New Ground: How ING Improved Inbound Marketing and Syndicated Personalized Offers for Display Ads on Publisher Sites In this case study, the ING Group will discuss how it currently uses Unica's suite to serve millions of targeted offers each day across multiple channels – direct mail, email, web, call center, and branches, helping to drive higher response rates, improve campaign cycle times and increase revenue. In addition, learn how the ING Group and IBM partnered to develop a unique approach that integrated website behavioral data to re-target Unica Interact offers to customers visiting third-party publisher sites. Hear how the ING Group measured the performance of this pilot and what it learned about syndicating Unica Interact offers to these sites.
External Speaker: Toon van den Einde, ING
The Empowered Marketer at Belgacom: Streamlining Processes and Increasing Collaboration to Improve Targeted Marketing Marketers face pressures every day to find alignment between process and marketing effectiveness. In this session, learn how Belgacom has successfully empowered their marketing organization by adopting IBM Unica technologies to deliver highly relevant and targeted campaigns
External Speakers: Nancy Vanden Borre & Stéphane Sloodts, Belgacom
CRM Meets Targeting at United Internet Media – Data-Driven Dialog Along the Customer Journey Most online and offline marketing consider only partial aspects of customer behavior. As a result, users receive messages that are not relevant enough to them and marketing efficiency is reduced. Achieving a holistic view of formerly-isolated customer journeys creates a deeper understanding of customer demands and thus creates a more relevant dialog. United Internet Media (UIM) developed DRP®, a platform to combine different data silos (offsite, onsite, offline and online) into a unique 360° view. IBM Unica products work with DIP to enable intelligent dialogs along the entire customer journey, including banner-ad, video, email, mobile, direct mail, out-of-home. For the first time ever, data from online targeting and CRM are joined to optimize UIM’s customer acquisition and customer marketing. The result is a significantly higher efficiency in customer management and a systematic optimization of customer lifetime value.
Speaker: Fred Turlin, United Internet Media

Marketing Leadership
Session Title Session Abstract
Listening to Your Visitors – a Tale of Two Problems External speaker: Ewald Hoppen,
The Future of Marketing Platforms Technology hasn’t just transformed customer behavior, it’s also caused seismic shifts in the marketing platform. Understand the current footprint for most marketing platforms, the state of EMM, the broader marketing software landscape, and which technology categories are likely to be incorporated into the platform next. Learn about how IBM’s framework for marketing technology can help you make sense of the vast array of capabilities, solutions, and technology categories. In this session you’ll look at the future with IBM and hear specific insights from one of its EMM product leaders.
How Do You Compare? Insights from IBM Research on CMOs and Marketing Technology IBM's recent global study of more than 1,700 Chief Marketing Officers pointed to emerging trends that are re-shaping how organizations engage and manage their customers' experience. From the sheer volume of customer data, bubbling social and mobile channels and shifting demographics, marketers know the specter of perpetual change looms. But how can they help their CMO transform the marketing function by responding to these new realities? Highlighting the results of EMM's 2012 global survey of marketing practitioners, the presentation examines the adoption and maturity of digital and cross-channel marketing, as well as how marketers are using interaction optimization technologies to improve the management and governance of their customers' experience across different touch points. Learn how to take advantage of inbound interactions, leverage mobile and social media and integrate different channels to improve your organizations' customer experience.
Building an Adoption Roadmap for Enterprise Marketing Management IBM’s Enterprise Marketing Management offering includes many capabilities – far too many to adopt all at once. So, where do you start? And how do you build a roadmap to prioritize which EMM capabilities you take on first? Join this session and consider a conceptual framework for thinking through your adoption process and hear practical advice based on other EMM customers’ experiences.
Building a Business Case for Adopting Enterprise Marketing Management You’re excited by all the Enterprise Marketing Management capabilities you’ve been learning about at IBM’s Marketing Innovation Summit. You have found several that are a good fit for your company’s needs, and you’re ready to use them to augment what you’re already doing. Even though you know these capabilities will benefit your marketing efforts, you’ll need to justify the expense to your management, your executives – and yourself, for that matter. So, how do you build a solid, insightful financial business case for adopting more EMM? In this session, learn both the basics of building a financial business case and some specific ideas on how to estimate the bottom-line benefits of EMM.
High-Octane Marketing: Driving Value with Marketing Performance Optimization Many businesses focus marketing spend on programs and activities perceived as effective ways of generating acquisitions, customer growth, or loyalty - but don't consider past marketing effectiveness when determining future goals. In this session, learn the capabilities and concepts for delivering effective cross-channel marketing through precise attribution, and how that precision will drive future spend.
Supercharge your Marketing Initiatives with Smarter Commerce Increasingly empowered customers and the proliferation of marketing channels mandate a new approach to marketing. One that seamlessly extends your marketing campaigns across all interaction points powering targeted customer dialogs that redefine customer engagement. This high energy session will reveal how the world's leading companies are using IBM Enterprise Marketing Solutions in combination with Smarter Commerce to innovate their brand experiences from customer acquisition through sales and service. We will introduce the end-to-end process models, technologies, and approaches that these companies are using to change the way they build brand relationships and engage their customers. We will also provide you with an actionable roadmap backed by KPIs to help you get started.
What are Your Customers Really Worth? Most marketers vastly underestimate the full value that customers bring to their business, and as a result under-invest in their customer relationships. In the digitally empowered world, your customers can be worth far more than it appears on the surface.

Look beyond an individual transaction to deliver an experience that maximizes the entire Lifetime Value of a customer relationship. As customers evangelize your brand, their influence creates an advocacy effect that magnifies the value they create for your business. And as the relationship deepens, you can engage them as co-creators of new products and services to create a mutual value exchange through the collaboration effect.

In this session, learn how smart marketers are not only appreciating the full value of customers, but also learning how to drive it, and how the emerging fields of Social CRM and Social Commerce can help companies unlock the full value of customers.
External Speakers: Brian Featherstonhaugh, OgilvyOne
Challenges & Opportunities: Marketing Leaders Discuss IBM's CMO Study A number of important marketing themes and challenges emerged from IBM’s CMO study. Join this panel discussion with marketing leaders from leading brands to learn how they are managing the influx of data generated today, reconciling the 'complexity gap', being prepared to manage changing market factors and more. This insightful conversation is sure to illuminate best practices employed by the participants.
External Speakers: Stephen Bates, Bank of Montreal; Martin Squires, Boots UK; Nick Adams, Telstra; Jane Loveday, Electrocomponents plc;

EMM Deployment
Session Title Session Abstract
Deep Dive into Unica Interact Unica Interact gives marketers the ability to deliver personalized customer interactions across all in-bound channels, all in real time. But if you think you know all there is to know about Interact's capabilities, this session is for you. Join us to learn more about the advanced features in Unica Interact, and including how to tune Interact deployments for maximum performance.
How to Build High-performing IBM Unica Campaign Flowcharts Faster Providing customers with relevant, personalized messaging is the key to marketing success, but execution requires careful planning; a roadmap, if you will. So, with campaign deployments happening at the speed of light, how can you maximize efficiencies? In this session, you'll learn how to increase re-use in flowcharts and how to optimize the performance of flowcharts.
Best Practices in Upgrading a Multi-Product IBM Unica Implementation Having the latest tools and platforms at your disposal can mean the difference between maintaining status quo and moving ahead. But, upgrading from one version of IBM Unica to another represents a challenge and an opportunity, especially when multiple products are deployed. Join us and learn how to plan and execute such upgrades with minimal negative impact on your IT resources and maximum positive impact on your bottom line.
Making your Unica Marketing Operations deployment enterprise-wide and best-in-class Many Unica Marketing Operations customers wisely start with smaller deployments, intending later to expand -- perhaps even enterprise-wide. Very quickly a number of important questions come up, such as: do I have processes that can be sustained across the whole enterprise? What are the key benefits of doing an enterprise-wide roll-out? How can I overcome organizational resistance to using Unica Marketing Operations enterprise-wide? What is the best implementation approach?
Best Practices for Content & Product Recommendations: An Interactive Workshop Savvy marketers know targeted product and content recommendations are at the heart of personalized customer interactions. Take part in a live demonstration of IBM Coremetrics Intelligent Offer and Content Recommendations applications and learn how to create a new cross-sell offer with business rules, use image-based recommendations for email, and create a custom dashboard module and much more.
Leveraging IBM Coremetrics' Innovations in Digital Marketing Attribution Want to know which digital marketing efforts are the most effective in acquiring, maintaining and re-targeting your customer base? This presentation will provide a deep dive into the attribution capabilities of the Coremetrics Digital Marketing Optimization Suite, including the latest reporting features. We'll also cover the different types of attribution and examine products within the Coremetrics Suite, including Web Analytics, Lifecycle and Impression Attribution.
Deploying Advanced Tagging for Greater Customer Insight Businesses today use a multitude of on-line properties to engage visitors and prospects throughout the customer lifecycle. To analyze the ROI of all marketing investments, you must accurately capture and exploit granular data from multiple sites and multiple intra-page components. In this session you'll learn the latest best practices in applying web analytics tags to multiple web sites, rich media and mobile sites.
How To Get the Most out of IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics If you want to fully utilize every blade in your analytics "Swiss army knife", this session is for you. Join us to see the latest capabilities in action, from reporting basics to power user ad hoc analysis, to imports and exports. You will walk away with new insights to best leverage your Coremetrics Web Analytics offering.
Are You Taking Full Advantage of Unica's Offer Management? Unica's offer management is an important, centralized element of the Unica suite, which can be leveraged for both outbound campaigns and inbound interaction management and helps coordinate and integrate what might otherwise be separate efforts. But many Unica users, even those relying heavily on offer management, are still just scratching the surface of this powerful capability. In this session, learn the breadth and depth of Unica offer management, and obtain new ideas on how to take better advantage of what's ialready n your existing Unica implementation.

EMM Discovery
Session Title Session Abstract
Experience Your Customers. See Your Digital Channels Through Your Customers’ Eyes Speaker: Geoff Galat, Tealeaf
Solving CMOs' toughest challenge: How IBM's Interaction History and Attribution Modeler Helps Marketers Measure and Drive ROI Driving and measuring ROI from cross-channel marketing activities is a real challenge for two reasons– incomplete and disjointed picture of customer interactions across channels, and lack of powerful tools to attribute customer responses to relevant marketing activities. IBM EMM now provides tools to tackle these challenges with the new cross-channel Interaction History and Attribution Modeler. Join this session to see how you can leverage Interaction History to seamlessly consolidate and tie customer activities and marketing programs across channels into a single repository and create a holistic view of your customers. You will also learn about our powerful new attribution methods and how they help you effectively measure the impact of our cross-channel marketing activities in driving customer responses.

Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level with IBM Unica eMessage Email marketing is an extremely powerful way to connect with customers and deliver highly personalized, relevant messaging. But, if you think your only options for email marketing are to work with an email service provider or build email infrastructure yourself, think again. In this session, you’ll discover how IBM Unica eMessage can deliver the best of both worlds with phenomenal results.
Improving Inbound Customer Experiences with IBM Unica Interact No matter how targeted or compelling your message is, you know your customer maintains a "don't call me, I'll call you" attitude. In this session, learn how IBM Unica Interact can help you be prepared when they do respond. Whether they visit your web site, walk into your store or use your mobile app, we’ll show you how to be there for them at every touchpoint.
Crunch Big Data for Digital Analytics using NetInsight On Premises and Netezza Digital analytics for customers' interactions with your online channels leads to the most current insights into marketing ROI, individual customer opportunities, and more. Yet data volumes can quickly become large for popular websites. Through an on premise solution IBM Unica NetInsight provides increased insight into how individuals are interacting with a brand’s digital presence. This data can also be integrated with other on premises data such as CRM, used in conjunction with Netezza customers have the most scalable avenue to crunching big digital data within their own firewalls. Learn how it works here, and also about new capabilities and IBM's vision on the roadmap for empowering marketing departments.
Is Your Mobile Marketing Optimized? Mobile visitors to websites during the 2011 holiday season more than tripled from the year before, and mobile commerce followed the same trend. But the mobile channels for tablets and phones are new territory and the continual change in devices and technologies adds another level of complexity. In this session you’ll learn how to maximize new and existing capabilities in IBM Digital Marketing and Analytics for instrumenting your mobile channels and reporting on mobile devices and visitors.
Digital Marketing & Cross-channel Marketing Convergence: Unica/Coremetrics Integration Points IBM's capabilities for digital marketing and cross-channel marketing are coming together in exciting, innovative ways, enabling marketers to better manage their marketing across all communications channels. In this session, see how the latest release of IBM EMM is bringing together Unica and Coremetrics products to produce positive results seamlessly and effectively.
IBM EMM Product Roadmap: Charting Your Course for Success Join us for the IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Roadmap presentation to review recent enhancements and get a peek at the IBM EMM Product Roadmap for 2012 and beyond. This session is tailored to current and potential users of IBM Unica and IBM Coremetrics applications and will examine the latest integration progress between suites and insight into exciting new products for campaign execution, data management, attribution and more.

EMM Synergy
Session Title Session Abstract
DemandTec for Consumer Products Manufacturers: Total Trade Optimization Capabilities that Improve Trade Spend ROI CP Manufactures on average spend between 15% and 20% of their annual revenue on trade marketing activities. DemandTec’s Trade Planning solutions enable these manufacturers to understand and predict how the shopper will respond to specific price and promotion offers across manufacturer and retailer performance metrics. In this way manufactures can enable better plans and sales forecasts, lower process inefficiencies and costs, and improve retailer collaboration and execution.
Experience Your Customers. See Your Digital Channels Through Your Customers’ Eyes Speaker: Geoff Galat, Tealeaf
DemandTec for Retailers: Merchandising Optimization That Drives Customer Loyalty, Sales, and Profit Price, promotion, and assortment are among the most powerful tools retailers have to influence consumer demand, drive customer loyalty, and achieve financial objectives. DemandTec helps retailers optimize these merchandising tactics with predictive planning software that includes shopper insights at the point of decision. Shopper-centric merchandising is further enabled with powerful collaboration capabilities that leverage insights and engage your suppliers. Learn more about the opportunities to revolutionize merchandising decisions with the ability to understand, predict, and influence consumer demand.
Maximize Sales with IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics and WebSphere Commerce IBM Coremetrics Web Analytics provides sophisticated analytics of customer web behaviours to help identify and predict interests and needs. This session will study best practice of how to integrate analytics with IBM WebSphere Commerce to dynamically manage store precision marketing to capture maximum value through intelligent offers. The session will also touch upon cross-channel analytics including the mobile channel as more customers are choosing to access retailer sites via smartphones and tablets. And we'll end with a view into how one particular customer has benefited with the combination of IBM WebSphere Commerce and IBM Coremetrics.
Speaker: Dan Finley, JD Sports
Big Data, Big Campaigns - How Unica Campaign and Netezza Data Warehousing Appliances can Reap Big Benefits Is your organization challenged by the explosion of data and increasing expectations for results? Unica Campaign Management and IBM Netezza appliances can provide capabilities to address and overcome them. Customer case histories, performance studies, and a new Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) study provide insights into the opportunities and challenges in leveraging big data, especially in the digital media industry.
Tackling Change Management for Marketing Transformation Change management is a key dependency that allows marketers to receive the full business impact from marketing technology investments. This session will examine how companies are addressing the issues of organization design, skills transfer, impact on job roles and the right communication strategy to accelerate the business value from technology investments.
An Integrated View of Customer Analytics Cognos Consumer Insight, SPSS and EMM can deliver a powerful integrated view of the customer through social media and drive that insight into customer and business processes. The session will focus on demonstrations of customer use cases and actionable entry-points for audience members. You’ll also gain relevant insight into how IBM’s social media analytics and applications work together to drive even greater success.
Using IBM Customer Experience Suite to Drive Revenue & Increase Customer Loyalty In this session, we will walk you through a 'Day in the Life' of Heather Reeds –a marketing manager who is responsible for generating leads, improving brand awareness, and managing promotions & messaging. Via demonstrations, we will show you how Heather can use IBM Customer Experience Suite to:
iSocial planner for CMOs CMOs need to provide exceptional web experiences to their customers. It's a critical success factor for customer choices, loyalty, and brand and industry leadership.

Come see the iSocial Planner for CMOs iPad solution. See how IBM Solutions can offer you improved customer web experiences, better support services, seamless integration with all channels, and a flexible marketing engine to adjust quickly to new market demands. And hear about customer cases from various industries that demonstrate quick ROI and success.
Business made Social - How Social Technologies and Behaviour are changing the Enterprise and the Relationship to Customers Social Media, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have dramatically changed communication and are influencing not only private life but politics and economy. And social media changes how we communicate within the company and with our customers. Customers are more informed and empowered than ever. Not only Digital Natives drive social behavior and communication into the enterprise with a new spirit of transparency and open discussion. Companies need to act on that - not only to react- and leverage the power social technologies and social behavior brings to economic life.