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WebSphere Partner Gateway

formerly WebSphere Business Integration Connect

Industry standards

The following EDI standards are supported:

The latest set of standards is downloadable from the EDI standards page

Support for industry XML-based data formats and secure transport protocols:

Support for RosettaNet PIPs and RosettaNet Implementation Framework (RNIF):

RosettaNet Partner Interface Processes (PIPs)

PIP Short Name RNIF 1.1 RNIF 2.0
01A Notification of Failure V1.0 V02.00
2A1 Distribute New Product Information V02.00 V02.00
2A12 Distribute Product Master V01.03 V01.03
3A1 Request Quote V02.00 V02.00
3A2 Request Price and Availability R02.01 R02.01
3A4 Request Purchase Order V02.00, V02.02 V02.00, V02.02
3A5 Query Order Status R02.00 R02.00
3A6 Distribute Order Status V02.02 V02.02
3A7 Notify of Purchase Order Update V02.02 V02.02
3A8 Request Purchase Order Change V01.02, V01.03 V01.02, V01.03
3A9 Request Purchase Order Cancellation V01.01 V01.01
3B2 Notify of Advance Shipment V01.01 V01.01
3B3 Distribute Shipment Status R01.00 R01.00
3B11 Notify of Shipping Order R01.00A R01.00A
3B12 Request Shipping Order V01.01 V01.01
3B13 Notify of Shipping Order Confirmation V01.01 V01.01
3B14 Request Shipping Order Cancellation V01.00 V01.00
3B18 Notify of Shipment Documentation V01.00 V01.00
3C1 Return Product V01.00 V01.00
3C3 Notify of Invoice V01.01 V01.01
3C4 Notify of Invoice Reject V01.00 V01.00
3C6 Notify of Remittance Advice V01.00 V01.00
3C7 Notify of Self-Billing Invoice V01.00 V01.00
3D8 Distribute Work in Process V01.00 V01.00 V01.00
4A1 Notify of Strategic Forecast V02.00 V02.00
4A3 Notify of Threshold Release Forecast V02.00 V02.00
4A4 Notify of Planning Release Forecast R02.00A R02.00A
4A5 Notify of Forecast Reply V02.00 V02.00
4B2 Notify of Shipment Receipt V01.00 V01.00
4B3 Notify of Consumption V01.00 V01.00
4C1 Distribute Inventory Report V02.01, V02.03 V02.01, V02.03
4E1 Notify of Sales Report R11.00.00A R11.00.00A
5C1 Distribute Product List V01.00 V01.00
5C2 Request Design Registration V01.00 V01.00
5C4 Distribute Registration Status V01.02 V01.02
5D1 Request Ship from Stock and Debit Authorization V01.00 V01.00
6C1 Query Service Entitlement V01.00 V01.00
6C2 Request Warranty Claim V01.00 V01.00
7B1 Distribute Work in Process V01.00 V01.00
7B5 Notify Of Manufacturing Work Order V01.00 V01.00
7B6 Notify of Manufacturing Work Order Reply V01.00 V01.00
7C7 Notify of Semiconductor Test Data V11.00.00 V11.00.00