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Six Business Monitor Version 6.0.2 SupportPacs:

BA71: WebSphere Business Monitor - Human Task Monitoring
BA72: WebSphere Business Monitor - SAP Sample Adapter
BA73: WebSphere Business Monitor - JDBC Sample Adapter
BA74: WebSphere Business Monitor - Retail
BA75: WebSphere Business Monitor - Healthcare
BA76: WebSphere Business Monitor - Banking

The primary intent for these SupportPacs is for implementation of Business Activity Monitoring (BAM): Actionable Insight to Improve Your Business

  • The goals of BAM are to provide real-time information about the status and results of various operations, processes, and transactions so you can make smart business decisions, quickly address problem areas, and take full advantage of emerging opportunities.
  • The deliverables in the SupportPacs give you additional background, documentation and samples on how to leverage the power of BAM for business flexibility, while helping you quickly realize the returns that BAM provides to your organization. These SupportPacs provide the foundation for enhanced future BAM deliverables from IBM.
  • Samples and documentation help you become productive faster, drive ROI, and can be leveraged on future projects.
  • The Industry-specific monitor models show how to take this from concept into production using IBM’s BPM portfolio.
  • The BAM dashboard for human task monitoring demonstrates how to incorporate human task key performance indicators (KPIs) and views into the current dashboard.

This SupportPac includes: Adapter Samples, Industry-specific monitor models, and Human Support

  • Adapter Samples - Extending the Reach of BAM
    • Adapters are software entities that allow connectivity to enterprise information systems (EISs) in the customer enterprise. They participate in the SOA architecture and help facilitate loose coupling between EISs. You can monitor business activity in business applications such as SAP by integrating with WebSphere Adapters and either WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus or WebSphere Process Server. This helps to expand your BAM environment to those areas which are critical for ongoing feedback,.. In the SupportPacs, IBM provides samples that show how to use WebSphere Adapters combined with WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus and WebSphere Business Monitor.
    • In the SupportPacs, we have included samples illustrating the use of the SAP and JDBC adapters. For example, the SAP Sample Adapter SupportPac contains a monitor model that can be used to configure the communications between an SAP system and WebSphere Business Monitor. This linkage can be extremely beneficial in your work with both BPM and BAM to allow you to view data in your critical processes.
  • Industry-specific monitor models
    • Business monitoring projects are provided, with one business process each, that serve as templates for the Insurance, HealthCare, and Retail industries.
    • Documentation is provided on how to use and customize these projects.
    • Documentation is provided on how to use and customize these projects.
    • WebSphere Business Monitor provides tooling to create monitor models and provides configurable dashboard portlets. Industry-specific monitor models speed time to value by providing content that can be refined for your monitoring solution.
  • Human Task Business Monitoring and Management
    • Deliverables include industry-based and human-centric dashboards.
    • The Human Task monitoring dashboard portlets provide an optimized experience for roles responsible for managing the people side of process. This serves as an extension to the current set of WebSphere Business Monitor configurable dashboard portlets. The Human Task monitoring dashboard portlets complements the business management user interfaces provided by the WebSphere Process Server runtime engine. WebSphere Business Monitor will provide the visibility, and use the WebSphere Process Sever management interfaces allowing the user to take an action such as transferring a task.

SupportPac General Info:
  • Available at no charge to all entitled users
  • Sample utilities and templates to assist in the development of applications
  • Sample utilities to assist in the operation and management the system
    • Adapter integration
    • Sample Dashboard
  • They are provided as-is, and the license agreement that accompanies them does not provide for defect correction.
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