WebSphere Adapter for Flat Files

Extend SOA applications and services beyond organizational walls to customers,
partners and suppliers


IBM WebSphere Adapter for Flat Files unlocks siloed information and reduces interface maintenance and development costs

Enable application connectivity through bidirectional file exchange and create standard, reusable application interface points to maximize your enterprise investments and provide access to information where and when it’s needed

  • Enable integration with applications through a file interface or export capability and allow the bidirectional exchange of any type of text or binary files
  • Create standard file based interface points to applications facilitating reuse and the extension of information across the organization.
  • Use graphical browse and select tools to quickly and easily interface to applications without writing code.
  • Improve data integrity, reliability and reduce development and ongoing maintenance costs by eliminating the need for custom code
  • Integrates seamlessly with WebSphere ESB and integration server offerings and is administered by the host server or broker.
  • Implements J2EE Connector Architecture (JCA) 1.5 standard

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Quickly and easily extend Legacy, ERP, HR, CRM and Supply chain applications and services to customers and partners.

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