IBM Integration Infographic: The Four Pillars of Hybrid Integration

Hibrid integration

Can you keep up? Complex business enviroments demand more endpoints, new data sources and evolving integration requirements

The new reality. 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created daily. 85% of enterprises use cloud services. $534 billion in mobile transactions. The cost. Disconnect between cloud and on-premise systems. Four pillars. Hybrid integration allows you to connect your IT enviroments. Simplified, connected and secure messaging where you need it.ñ Connect, access, collaborate. A flexible, fast, scalable and transparent foundation how you need it. Leverage, simplify, deploy. 24x7x365 security around every transaction. Control, comply, transact. Easily manage APIs to drive innovation. Expose, expand, engage. Innovation without sacrificing existing IT investments. Hybrid integration drives your digital transformation.

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