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JRules BRMS is Now IBM Operational Decision Manager

The WebSphere ILOG JRules BRMS is the market-leading Business Rule Management System, providing both collaborative rule management for business teams and robust, scalable and precise rule execution.

The JRules BRMS family has been enhanced with WebSphere Business Events, bringing together two powerful decision automation technologies in a single offering. This new product has been rebranded as IBM Operational Decision Manager, providing an integrated business rules and events management platform to improve the quality of transaction and process-related decisions, determining the appropriate course of action for each customer, partner and internal interaction.

What Happened to the JRules BRMS Family Products?

All the functionality of the JRules BRMS Family has been incorporated in IBM Operational Decision Manager. The new offering has two orderable components: IBM Decision Server (containing the runtime and development capabilities) and IBM Decision Center (containing the rule management capabilities). Each product maps to these components as follows:

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