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Co-operative Financial Services

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Jon Marchant

Director of Service Delivery & Infrastructure

Co-operative Financial Services

Co-operative is a very old company, it dates back to the 19th century. At that time, we had a cooperative bank and a cooperative insurance society. We bought both of those companies together to create Co-operative Financial Services.


The company isn't a listed company. This company exists for the value of its membership and its customers. In recent years, we've won a number of awards that suggests we're the most trusted brand in the UK. You don't get that sort of status without a lot of effort.

We have really strong ethical and social values. In fact, we were the first insurance company in the world to introduce an engagement, ethical engagement policy. So we won't invest in companies unless they meet strict ethical criteria.

We're very strong green credentials. The green credentials are all around you. I mean the building that you stood in today is the CIS Silver Tower in Manchester. And this building itself is clad top to bottom in solar panels. And that produces half the energy needed to support the whole building.

We're also carbon positive and that means that we offset more CO2 emissions than we actually product and that's across thousands of employees at retail outlets.

We've used Rational products for a long time now. It's very important to us. It simplifies the development lifecycle. It allows us to get products out to the market more quickly than we would if we didn't have this product. Very important to us. And that's what keeps CFS Rational.


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