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Rational Rose to RsX

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Hi, I’m Terry Quatrani,

Rational Evangelist for IBM,

I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about stars and “where are they now?” Like on True Hollywood Stories, you see movie stars reinventing themselves to stay on top of the charts. IBM Rational Rose is doing the same thing- it was the star of its day for developers that wanted a premier modeling tool. Today it has re-invented itself for modern times and continues to be the premier modeling tool staying on the top of charts with offerings like IBM Rational Software Architect.

When I joined Rational in 1993, Rational Rose was the leading -visual modeling tool. Rose is actually an acronym that stands for Rational Object Oriented Software Engineering and the first version was created by Grady Booch on his Mac.

However, developers wanted visual modeling to be inside their IDE. Rational responded to this need in 2002 with IBM Rational XDE software, providing an extended development environment for the next generation of programming technologies such as Java and Microsoft .NET.

In the mid 1990s, IBM saw a need for a common platform for all IBM development products to avoid duplicating the most common elements of infrastructure. The current IBM Rational modeling products combine experience in market-leading UML modeling tools with an open environment—making it easier for users of all types to customize them according to their needs.

IBM Rational Rose is what put Rational on the map and helped make UML a standard and Rose a Star. You can continue to design software using UML 1.4 with the market leading Rational Rose family of visual modeling design tools. Or if you are looking to support Web services, SOA, UML 2, custom pattern development and adoption you can migrate to the New Star, Rational Software Architect.

Thanks for joining me and if you want more information on any of our modeling products visit


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