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Break Free with IBM Data Management

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Title: Break Free with IBM Data Management

Caption: Lowest cost of ownership

David Beulke says "The customers of Pragmatic Solutions will really benefit from the new release of DB2 9.7 because it’s the lowest cost of ownership database in the industry."

Caption: Increase productivity

Phillip Gunning says "With DB2 9.7 new component based monitoring and time based monitoring, our customers are going to be able to increase their productivity."

Caption: Make things run faster

Martin Hubel says "The customers of Martin Hubel Consulting are really excited by the expanded compression capabilities of DB2 9.7. Index compression, XML compression, and temporary space compression will only increase their savings and make things run faster."

Caption: Save enormous amounts of developer time

Philip Nelson says "DB2’s pureXML is helping us to save on enormous amounts of developer time."

Caption: Save on database administration costs

Tom Holdener says "We’re able to save on our database administration costs, thus saving BJC Healthcare money on the bottom line, and the ongoing administration costs in the future."

Caption: Two days of a Junior DBA's time

Julian Stuhler says "Triton was involved about six months ago with a customer who wanted to convert from Oracle to DB2. We took three weeks to do that, initially, with the customer, as a service engagement, recently, with the 9.7 beta, we got that down to two days of a junior DBA’s time."

Caption: Break free from Oracle with DB2 9.7

David Beulke says "You really need to break free from Oracle with DB2 9.7."

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