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Social Business Jam. Exploring new approaches for the next generation of business. February 8-11, 2011

Driving business outcomes with social technology

The mass adoption of social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter has brought social computing fully into the mainstream as a way of sharing information, finding common causes, collaborating with friends and peers and mobilizing others to take action.

As with other fundamental shifts in technology, business and society, IBM today is helping clients succeed in this era of "Social Business": the application of social media to drive business outcomes. To accomplish that, an enterprise must address three core elements-culture, tools and strategy.

Starting at the source

At IBM, we implement these three core elements across our own operations. First, from a cultural perspective, in-house training and support help IBMers lead the world in building personal networks, deepening and leveraging eminence and knowledge and influencing collaborative groups to generate concrete outcomes.

Second, we build or identify the right tools – tools to help our employees engage more effectively and with greater shared purpose, and which help IBMers and their managers measure outcomes for themselves and for the company.

And third, we prioritize how we apply social media and social technology to the many ways in which IBM works to create value, from the way we recruit and engage our employees to how we forge and build deeper relationships with clients.

The sheer ubiquity of social media and the ever more powerful ways in which individuals and organizations of all kinds are deploying it are ushering in a new era. This era will be characterized by more purposefulness, more explicit intent and more organization through techniques which can achieve enterprise-scale outcomes. Welcome to the era of Social Business.


Cemex of Mexico was looking for new markets for its pre-mixed cement product, when the company asked IBM what could be done to really change the game in their industry. The answer was Social Business.

German automotive supplier Rheinmetall revs-up their social business strategy, sparking innovation with IBM software and services.