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Social Business Jam. Exploring new approaches for the next generation of business. February 8-11, 2011

What is a Jam?
It began as an internal experiment nearly 10 years ago and is now a proven IBM management tool for driving innovation and collaboration.

IBM's InnovationJam™ solution is an Internet-based platform for conducting conversations through brainstorming. Based on the concept of crowdsourcing (also knows as "wisdom of crowds"), Jams help businesses and organizations unleash the brainpower of their enterprise to surface ideas around business-critical or urgent societal issues. For more information about IBM's Innovation Jam, click here.

What is the value of a Jam?
This is a unique opportunity for people who believe in the power of social collaboration to contribute to innovative ideas and viewpoints, learn from others with common interests and influence the future of our business landscape.

There will be five forums designated to address top Social Business issues. All five discussion forums in the Jam are open throughout the entire 3 day jam event. Participants will be able to post and review comments, follow topics of interest, access “hot idea” discussions, and much more. Participants may log-in and out of the Jam at anytime during the event.

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