IBM Rational collaboration solutions

Close the gap between development and operation
to open up software bottlenecks.


Open the lines of communication between IT and operations to clear up production bottlenecks.

The typical rate of failure for applications is about 60%. And 30% of all errors in production are due to deployment misconfiguration.

These high numbers are due to various bottlenecks that occur in the software delivery process, including high build and release management costs, manual and error-prone build processes, maintenance of proprietary systems and unpredictable product release cycles.

Given the unparalleled desire for high-quality, economically produced applications in today's business world, there's an obvious need to close the gap between development and operation teams and to eliminate the most cumbersome and repetitive tasks.

IBM® Rational® solutions can help by allowing companies to:

By establishing effective collaboration between development and operations and by introducing deployment automation, companies will strengthen their ability to deliver new applications while minimizing the impact of change introduced into the production environment.