Are your business processes as dynamic as the marketplace?

Stay ahead of change with immediate access to cloud applications.

IBM Smart Cloud.An ever-changing and volatile business landscape is creating constant, and constantly evolving, pressures on companies. Its global nature brings new sources of agile competition and complexity to value chains. The empowered consumer wields more information than ever before, communicating in new ways and on new types of devices. An estimated one trillion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2013.

These forces are driving a shift in computing models as organizations – driven by line-of-business needs rather than technology – turn to the cloud. When adopted as part of a broader business strategy, cloud becomes an enabler and catalyst not just to rethink IT but also to reinvent and transform business processes.

Companies at the forefront are turning to the cloud to respond to these forces. Implemented properly, a cloud strategy can adjust quickly, create new business models and respond to the needs and demands of everyone – from customers to employees and beyond.

IBM SmartCloud Solutions, delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS), provide the power of cloud to reinvent business so that organizations can build a permanent connection to their brands, innovate with speed and efficiency, and drive sales and profitability – all while increasing customer value. IBM provides:

  • Preparing for Cloud

    Preparing for Cloud

    Change the economics of your infrastructure and improve speed to market through the cloud. Leveraging cloud's potential tomorrow begins with preparation today.

  • Reduce IT Complexity and Cost

    Reduce IT Complexity and Cost with IaaS

    Reducing IT complexity and cost means moving beyond server virtualization. Achieving security, resiliency and scalability isn't an option – it's an imperative.

  • Accelerate Time to Market

    Accelerate Time to Market with PaaS

    In today's marketplace, only the fast survive. The right cloud strategy means deploying services in minutes, not weeks.