IBM WebSphere - better productivity, greater agility, lower costs.

1st Year License and support. 2.3x OracleWebLogic Server. IBM Websphere Application Server. # of licenses required when using 2 cores on an 8-core server. 2 IBM's Websphere. 8 Oracle WebLogic

Do you have to wait for your application server to start every time you change your code? WebSphere® delivers sub-three-second server start-up time1 through its Liberty profile. You can immediately feel the difference. It lets you try your code as you change it. You get a lean download and a small footprint too, 4x slimmer than WebLogic.2

WebSphere Application Server now includes built-in application health management, intelligent routing, dynamic clustering, and enterprise batch workload support. The result: greater agility and potential big savings:3

WebLogic Server does not provide such capabilities. You need to buy the entire WebLogic suite. Moreover, Oracle®'s application infrastructure management tools do not offer support for popular server virtualization solutions such as VMware, PowerVM® and z/VM®.

With WebSphere, you could pay up to 57% less for first-year license and support.4 And you pay only for the cores you use, which is not always the case with Oracle software.

WebSphere Application Server vs. Oracle WebLogic compared

Read the in-depth comparison of IBM WebSphere and Oracle WebLogic head-to-head on cost, performance and support.

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