Consolidate your aging Sun and HP servers and realize the benefits.

Are you thinking of refreshing your legacy Sun or HP-UX systems? Consider upgrading to IBM Power Systems™. Power Systems ™ with advanced virtualization capabilities eanable you to go beyond consolidation of physical servers to automate the management of virtual resources.

Power Systems are running 3x to 7x more virtual images per production system than Sun Servers, based on a study of over 60,000 customer sites.1 Larger organizations are relizing 71% lover overall expenses using PowerVM.1

Power Systems are designed for superior performance of mission-critical workloads. For example, Power Systems with DB2® performed three times faster than SPARC with Oracle Database, using the same number of cores, based on results from the two-tier SAP® Sales and Distribution (SD) standard application benchmark.2

Moreover, you can make the change with confidence. IBM Migration Factory offers a low risk upgrade to Power Systems backed by thousands of successful migrations from Oracle Sun HP.

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