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Smart SOA Technology & Practice


How to plan, build, and manage a Service Oriented Architecture in the real world: An IBM SOA insider shows path to business agility.

Register now for the ebook, "Smart SOA™ Technology & Practice." In this book, IBM SOA expert Bobby Woolf explores the IBM vision for success with SOA. Take a look and learn how IBM does with Smart SOA. Simple to advanced.

Enable business flexibility and innovation. Service oriented architecture (SOA) focuses on making corporate information technology (IT) an enabler of (not an impediment to) business flexibility and innovation. SOA takes individual steps in a business process and implements each of them as a stand alone, reusable "service." These "services" can then be configured and reconfigured to implement flexible business processes.

 _Smart SOA Technology & Practice

Take a closer look. Dive deeper into SOA with the IBM SOA Reference Architecture, the suite of IBM products and services (e.g. IBM WebSphere) used to implement that architecture, and SOA application development practices. Vital topics such as SOA entry points, service lifecycle management and SOA governance are covered.

This book is a key resource for corporations wanting to work with IBM to be more successful with SOA. Throughout the ebook you will find direct links to important videos, webcasts, white papers, and other SOA resources to help your projects succeed.

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